Back Diabetes Attack Drop MEO


The researchers found that the group receiving colchicine showed an improvement in the insulin resistance test, which estimates the amount of insulin needed to maintain normal blood sugar levels compared to the placebo group.
The first group also recorded a reduction in interactive protein blood test and other tests that indicate an increase in the level of inflammation that occurs in the body due to obesity, and plays a role in the development of type II diabetes compared to the second group.
The drug "colchicine" works to inhibit a complex protein called "NLRP3" and leads to inflammation that appears in people with obesity.

He added that "the study has proven that this drug protects against the complications associated with the metabolic syndrome, which increases the risk of type II diabetes."
According to the World Health Organization, type 2 diabetes appears to be caused by hyperactivity and physical inactivity. Over time, high blood sugar levels may increase the risk of heart disease, blindness, neurology and kidney failure.


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