Artificial intelligence manages to defeat the best Dota 2 team


There are some people who are good at using some online games like Dota 2. Millions of people are waiting to watch their games to see how some of the best players in the world are dealing with the game. One such team, called OG, won the 2018 International Valve Award, but failed to win a showdown against the OpenAI Five.

This artificial intelligence won the highly qualified OG team in Dota 2 at the show. OpenAI Five won five OG players. He was able to do this by relying on aggressive and unconventional strategies that included an immediate revival of heroes in the early stages and the selection of valuable heroes. OG fought well, as the first round lasted more than 30 minutes, but failed to beat artificial intelligence in the end.

The artificial intelligence OpenAI Five was used in this show to show that artificial intelligence can not only play alongside human players, but also learn from their methods of play. OpenAI now allows people to experiment with their abilities against this artificial intelligence.

Registration is required for an opportunity to compete with artificial intelligence between April 18 and April 22. Generally, the result of the match against the OG team should be sufficient indication that artificial intelligence will not compromise anyone.


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