Sunday , October 24 2021

Arab Zayd digital album photos in all Arab countries


One of the producers produced the album "Arab Zayed" in its first digital edition in all the Arab countries, which includes several singers, including the Tunisian Mohamed El Gebaly, of the Egyptian star Hanan Attia, star of the popular song Nguyen, E Mohamed El- Daly, Lebanese singer Iyad, Moroccan singer, Sarah Daghimi.

The album includes 10 songs by Tunisian poet Bashir Ben Hamed, in collaboration with Tunisian poets, Egyptian poets Mustafa Morsi, Ramadan Mohamed, Hany El Saghir and the melodies of the late musician Khaled El Bakry, Ashraf Salem and Amr. Tantawi, Hazem Raafat, Hamada Husseini, Mado and Yasu and Yahia Al-Mughi and Hisham Nabawi.








The album "Arab Zayed" was recorded in several studios in Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, and the engineer Yasser Anwar Mixaj works for the entire album and for the United States.

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