Aoun asked Hasbani to "implement the health card as soon as possible"


President Michel Aoun, Deputy Chief of Government Keeper and Minister of Public Health # Ghassan_Hasbani during a meeting this afternoon at Baabda Palace, "to work on the application of the health card as soon as possible after the approval of its law in the House of Representatives, "adding that" constitute an important step in the field of health and social care. "

Aoun was informed by Hasbani about the details of the health card, comprehensive care, medication and other social and health issues in which the ministry is working.

After the meeting, Hasbani said: "His Excellency the President in the form of health card details or full health, which has passed the bill proposed in parliamentary committees, and will have a significant impact on the health sector in Lebanon. had a lot of positive and constructive ideas around. "

He added: "We touched on the issue of medicine, and there is a provision of need related legislation to the adoption of an additional provision of the medical item, so as not to reach a crisis in the provision of medicines for chronic and intractable diseases provided by the Ministry of Public Health.

"There are several ideas that have been presented and studied but the decision ultimately rests with the executive authority to decide on funding methods," he said, adding that there are proposals to fund them by adding some of the fees or between the ideas previously proposals. Through the Treasure ".

And about the date of beginning to apply the health card, he pointed out that "it is related to the adoption of the law in the House of Representatives General Assembly, but we have begun practical measures to prosecute them."


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