«Alumni Media Association»: to amend the «Publishers Association» law and establish a fund to support


In a statement, the Media Students Association said that the elections of the Association of Lebanese Press Editors scheduled for December 6 are an occasion for the Association to present its vision of the reality of the media sector in all its written media, video, audio and digital. And invited all editors to participate in the election, saying that "the situation calls for a radical treatment of the tragic reality of the media, adoption of a serious and operational plan of action to save the media body from this reality, Folk on the following principles : the amendment of the law that establishes trade union editors to limit media membership to them, such as professions liberal trade unions such as Mahaminwalengan unions, doctors and others. The new law provides for the right of the union member to retire after reaching the legal age, after providing the necessary income for that fund, such as issuing an emiric character back to the union fund with the monitoring of the budget of the union of …


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