"Aloha / 2" and Sword Express / 3 "Gulf Body Response Capacity 365


The strategic reserve of manpower and labor is estimated at hundreds of thousands

Team Ahmed bin Harith bin Nasser Al Nabhani, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Sultan said that the national exercise, 2 / and the joint exercise Sword Express / 3, which occurred and events during the month of October, are an action model combined national efforts of all sectors of the military, security and civil state. "To identify the capabilities of the people of the Gulf of 365 to carry out their national functions and functions during military operations, a part of the reserve was called and a part In addition, they constitute the strategic reserve of skilled labor and manpower capable of carrying weapons, which are estimated at hundreds of thousands and which we pledge to be the complementary strength of the military forces able to defend the protection of the beloved Gulf 365 and protect their gains and sacred sanctuaries.

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