Al-Houthi militia seeks to issue verdicts against lawmakers


Aden News – Agencies:

House Speaker Sultan al-Barqani called on world parliamentarians to align with their Yemeni colleagues who gathered in Sayoun and the Houthi militia in Sanaa to force the courts to try their evidence for treason.

"The al-Huthi militia is seeking to issue court rulings to run deputies and confiscate their property, and they have begun to seize the property of some and blow up the homes of others," he said in a speech on Wednesday at the closing session of the third legislative session of the Arab parliament.

He added that "Yemen is currently engaged in a fierce war against the Iran-backed Houthi militia that threatens the unity of the people and the entity of the homeland and neighboring countries of the Arab countries and threatens our national existence and trying to expand throughout the nation Arabic." And what has now resulted from the theft of the state by the Houthi coup.

He emphasized that the legitimate government is continuing its efforts for peace and ready to go to the world to achieve peace. We support all efforts in this direction and the implementation of Sweden's agreement on Hodeidah will be a real test of the coup militias and their seriousness in the peace deal

Al-Barqani stressed that President Abderabu Mansour Hadi, the people's chosen president of the republic, was leading a national march that responds to the hopes of the masses and aspires to a future that satisfies the aspirations of the new generations who have left the past with force and achievements. Political trends, and brought together components, groups, groups and groups under a single umbrella and dialogue has left to open the way for the twenty-first century.

"But a despotic and arrogant party, backed by a foreign party, committed cruelty, treachery, and waged a dirty war to prevail and dominate … the Huthi group, these hateful groups coming from the bellies of history and the dark ages."

He said the winds of treachery came from the eastern corner of the great Arab country with a Persian scent that carried the hatred of the past as the Arabs moved from the cult of fire to the space of Islam. He pointed out that these Houthi militias threaten sanctities and wealth and aim at the national sovereignty of the country.

He pointed out that legitimacy and the national army with great courage withstand the Iranian project in Yemen and with our brothers in the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia and with them the United Arab Emirates, whom we thank and thank, to defeat the coup and restore the State and release the will of our people. Arabic and its blood and money, which will be created by history and will record the most beautiful pages.

Al-Barrakani expressed condemnation of the repeated attacks that attacked Saudi Arabia in recent days and last month, the last being the passenger lounge at Abha airport and the attack on Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates and the Oman Sea with weapons manufactured in Iran.

He pointed out that the evil of this group will not stop at the end and that was among his plans to rob the House of Representatives and falsify the will of the people, but the MPs gave them a hard slap and defeated the plot when they gathered in the city of Sioun on 13 April and elected a Council Presidency and resumed the legislative session.

He pointed out that the seat of the House of Representatives at its special historic session in Siyoun would be targeted by airplanes and missiles launched by the air defenses outside the walls of Siyoun city without taking care of the Houthi terror gang with hundreds of people and was trying to submit its altar the deputies and the government and hundreds of guards and citizens in cold blood.

He added: "We are determined to hold further sessions in the next period until the coup and resume our duties from the seat of the Council in the capital Sana'a."

On the Arab question, the president of the Chamber of Deputies called for the adoption of an Arab defense strategy, not offensive to aggression, and pointed out that the Zionist entity has been and continues to be a threat to Arab national security, taking advantage of the emergency that descends us the eastern coast of the Arab country.

Al-Barqani suggested a short-term strategy of three to five years in which Arab countries can adapt their perceptions and solutions to any new developments and called for the creation of joint research centers that study, think and plan in a long-term strategy . Economics is our basic ethic.

He stressed that the establishment of a joint Arab army, a rapid intervention force and the expansion of cooperation and trade exchanges became necessary and became a duty of them to inspire the spirit in the Arab League and support it to play its role and play their functions in full.

He said that Iran is not fighting our battles and will not win for Palestine and its people as much as they feed on the pain and suffering of Palestinians to achieve their ambitions as they realize the nature of the Iranian-Israeli dispute, which is concentrated on fierce competition for the influence they aspire to both in our vital area and over our territories. A commodity being offered in a humiliating commercial business to a people whose land has been ransacked and their rights appropriated.


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