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The fourth round of the Lebanese Basketball Championship will start this afternoon, with four clashes over four days. The tour begins with the departure of the Club du Champs-Elysées and the Club Byblos in the first stadium (6:00 p.m.). The Moroccan club suffered a "severe" defeat last week against the Al-Riyadi Club at Al-Manara Stadium, the match between the two teams. The back of the Champs-Elysees needs a third foreign player to take the top two, due to the apparent lack of the center of the gaming industry. After Ali Mezher made three mistakes early in the second half of the game, coach Fuad Abu Chakra forced him to leave the pitch and return his teammate, Gad Khalil, however, the game seemed larger than the second. Of the World Cup qualifiers, where Lebanon will play against the Korean "Shamshon" and the "Dragon" of China. In the context of preparations for Shanville, informed sources denied in an interview to the news that the Shanbeil club will contract with the American player Sam Young (Humantman and former Lebanese team), especially that the dispensation is still in the hands of Humantman's board, sources have confirmed that Shanville will leave the contract with a third foreign player until the new year.

One of the downsides to the Champs-Elysées was also the decline of team star Fadi Khatib, where captain Jean-Abdel-Nour managed to impose a strong defense on Khatib and prevented him from scoring more than 5 points. Chanel lost to Al Riyadi, but their chances are the best to defeat Byblos, who has many problems at the material level, which has been hampered by hiring top-level players this season. Byblos clinched a major victory over Hobbs by 22 points, but his games with other clubs have other accounts.
In the second match, the Atlas Club Fritzl Club, from United Club Tripoli, will take place at the Antonine Sisters Stadium in Kayseri (Saturday at 5pm). The strong start of the Atlas in the tournament did not last. Both teams want to win the game, with Atlas losing their first home defeat to Ksara by 4, while Al Ittihad lost 9 points to Beirut for the first time this season. Facing the Atlas and the Unified There will be a classic clash between coaches Eli Nasr and Marwan Khalil as they both established a youth-based team and the competition will be one of the top five clubs in the league.
The third game was held in Beirut's hometown last season, and Hobbs, who was not found after this season (Sunday 17:00). Hobbs have lost all their matches so far, and the positive point remains the level of advantage in the second round match, despite the loss of the meeting. In this game, the odds of a bigger hometown, especially with the foreign players Walter Hodge and Mike Ivebra, seem capable of taking any team to victory due to the high level they offer. The club learned that the club's administration will offer its fans the league title last season as they have not yet had the opportunity to celebrate with their supporters this milestone in the centenary of the Humentman Association.
The most important game of the round, Beirut Sports and the Beirut Club, will gather in a dome expected of the basketball fans (Monday, 18:00, Beirut time). Last Sunday, all eyes were on the Shanville-Sports website, on the ground floor of Menara Stadium. At the time, Ahmed Farran's men managed to pass their first serious test this season. Despite the excellent performance of the owner who denied the chance to progress during the match but the participation of the Egyptian player Ismail Ahmed for 37 minutes was one of the most important factors to overcome the athlete by 3 points where the athlete participated in three foreign players in field, while the game played by Chanel and Jacksen and the Lebanese national team Athir Majok. Ahmed's participation in 37 minutes raises questions about whether the athlete can play without him and whether Ahmed can play at the same pace throughout the season, especially since he is over 40 years old and vulnerable to exhaustion. One of the undisputed points of the athlete so far is the performance of Basil Bouji, who made a good showing in the AISA championship, but dropped considerably in the Lebanese championship. Bouji had moved from Beirut to Al-Riyadi in exchange for Ali Haider from the Al-Manara Stadium to Beirut.
One of the good points for the athlete before the match in Beirut was the readiness of a new foreigner, Jackie Carmichael, who replaced injured Nigerian Chris Opekba. Carmichael has secured a great defensive level by disabling the offensive cannibals under the basket, and his role in Beirut's match on Monday (18:00 Beirut time) will be defensive so that the athlete imposes his personality during the meeting. It is certain that coach Farran will feature Prince Saud and Mark Layons.
For his part, Beirut coach Patrick Saba will feature Ali Haider and Kayley Hunt, while there will be a large registration-level role for the second foreigner on team Chris Crawford. So far, Saba is struggling with foreign players, as their level is not fixed, forcing the technical team to extend the experience of foreign players.

Team Preparations
The regular Lebanese league will be suspended next Monday after the Beirut and Athletics matches. The Lebanese team enters the field closed from 12 to 19 this month. The team is leaving the Philippines for two friendlies with the Philippines. Slovenia coach Slobodan Subotić has decided to choose the Philippines because the time difference between the Philippines and South Korea is one hour in favor of the second and will be a factor in adapting players to the time and North Korea. Last week, coach Subotic and coach set up a list of the 12 players who will represent Lebanon in the next round, which starts on June 29. Lebanon need a win to put one foot in the 2019 World Cup and two to confirm their qualification. Results of other teams in the final stages of the qualification.


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