Ahli reveals the reality of the crisis 'millions' Fathi renew his contract


Fathi is currently participating with Al-Ahli mainly because of the return of coach Mohamed Hani to the bank after he was essential in the past period

Malik Ahmed

May 7, 2019

Sayed Abdel Hafiz, the Al Ahli Club coach, revealed the fact that Ahmed Fathi, the right-back of the team, refused to renew his contract with the club, and there is a crisis between the player and the red administration over this subject at the moment.

In the last few hours, Fathi refused to offer him a £ 3 million financial offer to renew his contract and asked the player to raise £ 5 million to approve the renewal and remain on the Red team.

"All that has been raised about a crisis between Fathi and the club over the renewal of the contract is totally false," said Al Ahli's official football manager on Tuesday. "All these rumors are rumors.

He added that Fathi has renewed his contract with Ahly since the start of the current season, explaining that the contract extends until the end of next season and that there is no crisis in this matter, especially because there is a great understanding between the player and the club.

The Ahli football director that some are trying to deal with the information is not genuine to destabilize the team, which will not happen, because all elements of the football system and the technical apparatus and players, its focus is on the need to solve the league title and win the remaining matches; Consider the results of competitors.

Abdulhafiz stressed that everyone is doing their best and there is no way to think of any side or personal things, and the goal is to win the league championship and continue competing against the rest of the local championships.

Fathi renewed his contract with Ahli earlier this year after lengthy negotiations with the club's board, accompanied by his former colleague Abdullah Al-Saeed, who left the club in the middle of last year.

There was already a major crisis in Fathi's contract last year after the player refused to offer Ahli 5 million in the season, which the club offered to the player, relying on the large amount of money that Fathi received from Turki Al-Sheikh, who was But Fathi considered this nothing to do with the renewal of his contract until Sayed Abdel Hafiz signed the contract.

Fathi has been playing for a long time in Al-Ahly on the bench after the team's technical team, led by Uruguayan Martin Lassarti, defeated Mohamed Hani, especially after Fathi lost a four-month period due to a frontal muscle rupture. That was exposed during the final of the African Champions League final against Esperance in Tunisia last year, and after another injury again after two months of the first injury in the indoor game, which saw the first participation of Fathi since the face of the hero of Tunisia.

Fathi left Al-Ahli in the summer of 2014, after refusing to renew his contract and joining Umm Salal Qatar's team after only one unsuccessful season, he returned to Al-Hamra in the summer of 2015 and remains with the team from time to time. Now


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