After the folded screen .. "Samsung" is preparing to test its new slider phone


Smartphone companies are competing aggressively for the launch of new folded phones, but Samsung does not want to stop launching smart phones with unusual designs. After launching the folding phone, it is developing what is known as the Galaxy Slider.

According to the techbench site, the South Korean company has revealed preliminary plans for the new phone, whose screen size doubles by sliding vertically.

The phone looks normal and traditional when seen at first glance, but hides a slide or a suspended screen, the report said, adding that the top of the phone includes a front camera and an expandable headset outside the smartphone, adding that Samsung applied for a patent for this phone Last November, and seems to have reached an advanced stage in its development, paid to announce it recently.

However, many experts questioned the possibility of developing Galaxy Galaxy soon, according to the reports, due to the expectations of problems related to stability and continuity, especially with regard to the mechanism of slip and screen protection.

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