A barrier of affection for the Union of Dinniyah Municipalities on the occasion of Eid al-Alam and Istiqlal – Northern ambassador


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A barrier of affection for the Union of Dinniyah Municipalities on the occasion of Eid al-Alam and Independence

Denniyah, the Northern ambassador

The Dinniyah Union of Municipalities, in cooperation with the Young Dialogue Society in Al-Dnayeh and the Al-Dnayeh Sports Clubs Association, established a love barrier on the occasion of the flag and 75th anniversary of independence at the army checkpoint Lebanese in the city of Ashash. Together with Union officials and police and activists, arranged in coordination with the elements of the checkpoint army in Lebanese flags and roses, hats and T-shirts decorated with Lebanese flag in cars and citizens, amidst a festive and distinct and striking atmosphere, and led to some congestion at the checkpoint, Alegria and welcoming.

Saadia and his assistant, Baqoun Mayor Ziad Jamal, were checking passers-by and asking if they were memorizing the Lebanese national anthem. Any citizen who had memorized the Giba hymn received 100,000 Lebanese pounds in a symbolic initiative of the Union of Municipalities with the urge citizens to preserve the national anthem and to join Lebanon.

Saadia gave a speech at the time, in which he said: "The homeland is owned, and we redeemed it with our blood and our soul, so today we celebrate Independence Day, so that we can dedicate independence to the national anthem.

He added, "This activity is carried out in full cooperation with the Guidance Board of the Lebanese Army, and after we got the congestion in Beirut, and the insult that was raised about it in an insulting way, we like to tell citizens that the it's the government and neither the politicians nor parties. " He ".

"We have printed 40,000 copies of the Lebanese flag with the words of the national anthem on the back," We distribute to schools, sports clubs and centers, today we distribute them on the barriers of the army in Denniyah through barriers of love. with what we have done and we confirm that your first and last choice is at home, "he said.

He added: "The goal of our step is to promote our belonging to the homeland." Everyone knows that Lebanon means a lot to us, not a political or political trend, we need people to say that this country is ours and not a We belong to the homeland in which the Lebanese Army is the only institution away from corruption, we preserve our country and with all our strength, we will remain on all national occasions, we maintain our love and belonging to this homeland, we say that this is sold with the money of the world.We give up whatever happens. "

In turn, the Mayor of Bakhoun Ziyad Jamal said that "this activity we did happened on the occasion of Eid al-Din and independence, and solidarity and support to the Lebanese army, and to confirm that Dhinniyah army incubator and support him in every moment and when. "

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