A 27-year mystery of the body of a Lebanese doctor under a car


He who does not live the war does not realize his pain, he does not know what it means to run to hide in the shelter, to escape at night under the whirring bullets and the sound of arms, and to wait for an absent one that has not been for years.

In Lebanon, thousands of people were waiting for missing loved ones whose fate was unknown, detained, hidden, kidnapped, killed.

Although more than 28 years have passed since the end of the war, the fate of many of the missing remains unknown.

However, the image of his age of more than 27 years revealed the fate of one of the victims. A doctor disappeared on the day of the disastrous 1990 war between the Lebanese army led by Michel Aoun and the Lebanese forces led by Samir Geagea.

The story of photography came on Saturday when its selector, the Lebanese photographer Nabil Ismail, decided to post it on his Facebook page with a long comment, telling how a relative of his doctor had contacted him to thank him . The photo was cut waiting for 27 years, and finally opened the door to mourning for his family.

The interlocutor, whose name is not mentioned by Ismael, said the photograph of a man lying next to a Mercedes car belonging to a doctor who worked at a famous hospital in the Lebanese capital disappeared in the war and his family had learned nothing about him since then. !

"When we saw the images on the screen and saw the car, we were right," he said.

In front of this contact, which occurred in late 2017, the photographer was shocked, silently, to silence another question: "Can we take the photos?" And the answer comes naturally.

A history of the horrors and tragedies of war

The incident occurred in late 2017, a week after the images were shown on a local television program.

As for why Ismail decided to publish the story now, he told "Al Arabiya.net" that he simply remembered almost a month ago, by chance, "when he was alternating between his old photos."

He added, "Since that connection I recorded in my mind what happened without giving much importance because I often get contacts from fighters asking me about their photos or other things but what happened in my mind and I said after a period I will publish the story, The anniversary of the Lebanese civil war of 1975, to be a lesson for people not to start the wars again. "

Then he forgot again. "I was not a retired photographer but I work all day and not as a weekly holiday because I have to work in various media and press organizations," he said.

"It was published only as a story about the war and about the importance of photography at such times," he said.

"It's a story of the horrors and tragedies of war," he concluded.

Thus, a bitter queue for the Tayyas family ended, and finally managed to live their mourning. However, hundreds or even thousands of Lebanese families still wait until today to open a door and look for Aziz absent or perhaps simply realize that he has passed , burying what remains of their ashes The page of our bloody wars, whose scars continue to strike the hearts of all the Lebanese.


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