7 Simple Tips for a Good Sleep in Summer


Getting enough sleep is a vital necessity for everyone: the human body needs sleep to sharpen energy and cope with the demands of life.
As temperatures rise, especially in the summer, sleep becomes a "nightmare" for a large number of people, even though they sleep early.

However, this "seasonal" situation can be solved with seven simple and effective steps, according to the German website "Maennersache".

1. good ventilation
The German website says sleeping well requires good ventilation of the room, to keep it as cool as possible, adding that the windows should be opened in the morning and closed afterwards, leaving the room dark.

A previous Dutch study confirmed the need to leave the windows and doors open during sleep because it helps to reduce carbon dioxide levels and improve ventilation and airflow, according to Reuters.

2 – Choose suitable clothes
Choosing comfortable bedding and clothing is also important for a good sleep, light cotton clothes help absorb sweat while you sleep and you should avoid sleeping naked to avoid feeling cold.

3 – Avoid eating at night
Refrain from eating at the end of the day is also required to sleep intermittently. At night, only snacks such as salads, fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese are preferred.

4. Do not drink too much
Drinking lots of water is very important for the body, but at night and before going to sleep, you should avoid drinking water because it increases the urge to urinate significantly. To overcome this situation, the site is advised to drink a cup of green tea.

5 – warm bath
It is best to stay away from a cold shower before going to sleep and make amends with a warm bath because it is very suitable for sleeping.

6 – Stay away from sports at night
In summer and in hot temperatures, you'd rather not exercise before bed and do it at other times of the day.

7. Avoid Electronics
Watching movies and shows late into the night is one of the hardest things to sleep, and electronic and electrical appliances increase the room temperature.

The blue light, for example, from the cellular screens, has a negative impact on sleep. Therefore, it is preferable to stay away from electronic devices as much as possible in the hours before bed.


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