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6 rich people live the life of simple people … including Mark Zuckerberg

6 Rich people live the life of the most simple. Among them, Mark Zuckerberg, Saqr News, quoting the story, we spread to you 6 rich people who live the lives of ordinary people, among them Mark Zuckerberg, 6 rich people living the common people, including Mark Zuckerberg. The most important news, 6 rich people live the lives of simple people, including Mark Zuckerberg.

Although they are very wealthy people, Saqr News chose to live the lives of ordinary people so much that many of their confidants were surprised and advised them to live at a better level, but they insisted on living that way.

We offer you a collection of stocks and customs for the richest people in the world, who own billions of dollars and live a simple life, "Business Insider reports.

Amâncio Ortega (US $ 66.8 billion)

He lunches with his staff at Zara's snack bar, often wearing the same simple clothes every day.

Warren Buffett ($ 60.7 billion)

Warren still lives in the same house he bought for $ 31,000 in 1958, so far he lives. At his annual shareholders meeting in 2014, Buffett explained that his quality of life was not affected by the amount of money he had.

Mark Zuckerberg ($ 42.8 billion)

He introduced his $ 30,000 Acura car to be replaced by a Volkswagen sedan with manual transmission.

Carlos Slim El Helou (US $ 23.5 billion)

He has lived in the same house for over 40 years and says he is still driving his old Mercedes Benz.

5. Inger Kambar (US $ 39.3 billion)

For decades, he drives a rather old Volvo car and usually rides a bus.

6. Charlie Ergin ($ 14.5 billion)

The lunch sandwich is done manually at home everyday and the hotel room is shared while traveling with friends.

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