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561 Medal .. Basket of return for the coronation .. And young heroes of Asia

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561 Medal .. The return of the coronation basket .. And young heroes from Asia, quoting the site of Serras, on Monday, November 19, 2018.

561 Medal .. Basket of return for the coronation .. And young heroes of Asia

After a long absence, the Saudi team participated in the Arab Championship for the big teams
The junior team crowned the Gulf Cup and qualified for the Asian Basketball Cup.
Silver from the recent Asian Games in Indonesia for Turkish player Tarif, Tariq Hamdi's bronze and silver (collective wrestling) in the last Asian karate tournament in Jordan.
The Olympic youth gold medal in Argentina for Mohammed Al-Asiri at 61 kg as the first Olympic gold medal in the history of Saudi sport.
Two gold medals and four bronze medals in the Arabian Championship
The gold of Mohamed Al-Qarni in the youth tournament in Croatia.
Two gold medals for players Omar Al-Azmi and Faraj Al-Nashiri at the 17th Asian Youth and Youth Championships in Japan.
Gold Nawaf Al – Maliki at the 10th World Youth Championship in Spain.
The Saudi team crowned the Arab military championship of the Taekwondo Cup in Lebanon.
Two silver medals and three bronze medals at the Beirut International Open.
Asian volleyball challenge cup in Sri Lanka.
The junior team qualified for the World Cup
The first team qualified for the World Cup.
Bronze of the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina for rival Mohammed Al-Maawi
The Asian Games gold medal ended in Ashgabat by Ahmed Al-Muallad.
The Seven Golden in the same cycle of Ahmad Al-Mawled.
Five gold medals and six silver and bronze medals in the sixth Arab championship in Tunisia.
The championship and first place with 28 medals in the 16th Gulf championship in Kuwait.
Third place with 10 medals in the Arab Athletics Championship in Jordan for young people.
Bronze The 18th Asian Games in Jakarta at 5000 meters from opponent Tarek Omari.
Bronze Youth Olympic Games in Argentina.
Second place in the Western Asia Championship for adults in Bahrain.
And the first place in the Western Asia Youth Championship in Bahrain
Ranked second in the Junior Asia Junior Championship in Bahrain
5 gold medals for adults, 18 gold medals for young people and 15 gold medals for young people in the Western Asia Championship in Jordan
Desert Rally
Competitor Ahmad Al-Shkawi won the first place in the world championship in Morocco.
Dossari assistant is a world champion in e-sports
Sari Jafri is a world champion in «tekken7»
Saudi Zidane won the McLaren Dubai International Polo Championship
Marine Sports
Two gold medals for driver Khalid Al Otaibi at the Karouget race in France
Wireless Sports
Bronze Abdul Hadi Aziz in the Gulf Cup in Kuwait
King Commander International Gold Championship in Jordan for player Dana Ghamdi.
94 kg gold medal in the Kazakhstan championship for Saleh Al-Humaidah.
Norwegian Bronze International Championship Yasser Abbas
Arab Championship of Silver for the Tunisian U-20 teams
Water ball
Bronze 50 meters Butterfly Arab Championship for swimming age groups in Egypt
The 200-meter silver medal at Chartres International in France for the Hassan El Youssef Pool
Silver 100-meter butterfly in the same tournament, player Hassan al-Yusuf
Hamza Hanbazah silver swimmer in swimming 100 yards back. Arrows
Solidarity at the Golden Championship in Bangladesh for the player Abdul-Ella Ben Ali
Bronze teams at Asian Youth Championship in the Philippines
With the bronze of the singles in the Youth World Championship of America by Abdulrahman Al Khaleej
The Arab Championship Gold for Air Pressure Guns in Egypt by Rami Atallah Al Enezi
Teams of gold in the same tournament
Asian Silver Games in Indonesia by Rami Hasan Al Harbi.
6 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 7 bronze medals in the Arab League in Lebanon,
Gold medalist Sabti Al Ruwaili at the World Cup at the Jeju World Cup in South Korea
Table tennis
Bronze International Championship of Belarus (my husband), Lashan Ali Al Khadrawi and Abdul Aziz Abushlebi
Golden West Asian Championship in Jordan Male, singles player Abdulaziz Al-Abbad
Golden West Asia Championship Jordan Youth Singles, by Ali Khadrawi
Men's Team of the West Asian Gold Championship in Jordan
Gold medal of the Spanish international championship weighing 45 kg for youths of Hamad Al Otaibi
Gold weight 51 kg by Faisal Al Dosari
Golden Weight 55 kg Romanian Wrestling for Ryan Hossawi
Gold and 5 silver and bronze medals at the Asian Cup in India
5 gold and 8 silver and six bronze, in the eighth Arab Track Championships in the United Arab Emirates.
Inspirational Teams
Saudi national football team crowned the World Cup for people with special needs in Sweden
Gold and 3 silver and bronze medals at the recent Asian Games in Indonesia.
Thus, Saudi sports teams from September 2017 to November 2018 561 medals for 201 gold medals, 182 silver medals and 178 bronze medals, and the national teams in the various sports more to achieve, through participation and the benefits of coming International.
From September 6, 2017 to November 15, Saudi sport has been fast and in many directions with renewed ambition and high hopes for new achievements of the nation in various international sporting forums.
National teams in various games and sports have received great support and attention from the President of the Board of Directors of the General Sports Authority, President of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, Turki Al-Sheikh, to advance to the new future of Saudi sport. The national youth soccer team returned to the top of Asia after a 26 year absence when they won the 2018 Asian Youth Cup, which was recently held in Merit in Indonesia and qualified for the 2019 Youth World Cup in Poland. And before that, the national soccer team qualified for the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and won its second best participation in the World Cup.

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