Thursday , October 21 2021

5 Signs Reveal That You Have Diabetes "Do not Ignore Them"


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WHO experts identified 5 first symptoms of diabetes, indicating a marked increase in blood sugar levels.

Everyday Health magazine quoted experts as stressing the need to pay attention to the five signs of the disease, which is characterized by metabolic syndrome and abnormally high concentration of glucose in the blood caused by insulin deficiency, leading to serious complications.

The five signs are:


First: Changes throughout the skin of the body, such as blackness in the neck and under the armpits and the thigh area.

Second: Dry throat sensation.

Third: Problems in the reproductive system resulting from damage of blood vessels.

IV: Increased perspiration at night.

Fifth: the problem of asymmetric healing wounds, which require more time to heal because of excessive blood sugar levels, which prevents the flow of oxygen through the bloodstream to the wounds and delays the integration process.


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