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Z-Towers: accusations are unfounded, building is safe – in Riga

In an attempt to reduce the kindness between the two as well as dispel rumors that the most significant skyscraper of the past decade has complied with building codes, the developers of Z-Towers JSC Towers Construction Management refute the remarks made by Riga City Construction board.

"The letter or service report from Ingus Vircava, head of the Riga City Construction Council, has been published in almost every national media. As we engage with the whirlwind of events," We will respond to the four most important criticisms. : the building's experience, water penetration into the building's underground floors, the domestic sewage system and the rainwater sewer system, "concludes A. Neguliner.

"First, we have, on each floor, a series of major structural acts approved by an engineering team to prove the adequacy of the load-bearing structures. The criticism of the head of the building board is not professional. Subsequently, these samples were tested. in laboratories and considered to be of good quality in accordance with building codes. This indicates that the positive opinion of the building structures specialist on the design solutions and that the building is safe for future use is true. " Neguliners.

"Secondly, criticism of missing documents regarding the entry and removal of water on the underground floors of the building is a deliberately misleading audience. Z-Towers representatives noted during the visit that the underground floor moisture problem had been eliminated, the which means that the building board has already made sure everything is in order and several corrected documents have been sent to the Riga City Construction Board Customer Service Center. A letter widely circulated by the board of directors was issued on November 4 in a when the author of the letter and his colleagues were repeatedly convinced of a positive solution to the problem, "says Andrew Neguliner.

"In addition, based on the recommendations of a certified specialist, Urbis Ltd. has developed a project" Construction of reinforced concrete structures on underground floors "in accordance with Latvian building standards. That means the solution is regulated to "There is no Latvian specialist available," said A. Neguliner.

Commenting on the third comment on the domestic sewage system: Rigas Rigas Ltd. has provided an opinion and additional explanation on the functionality of the sewage system, which briefly and concretely indicates compliance with all requirements. The following document was submitted to the Construction Board in The wrong functioning of the sewerage and water supply of the towers is wrong. In addition, the construction council manager made a mistake – during the repair work in 2020, we "opened" not the street Daugavgrīvas, but the Ranķis Dam.In addition, the contract with the Riga Water Ltd. municipality, according to which we can carry out this work until spring 2020. The head of the construction council, without accepting the opinion of Riga Water, in Truth compels us to do the work during the winter period, knowing clearly that, for example, asphalt works will not be accepted by the building authority for the century to re-build it. spring breakdown, "undue desire for wasted resources and mismanagement comments A. Neguliners.

"When it comes to sewage construction on the Zunda canal, the head of the construction council is wrong. It is true that three years ago we learned the need to rebuild the engineering communications network, but for over 2 years we have worked side by side. with construction experts to address this situation. We have moved a little further in improving the infrastructure of the Rangis Dam, for which the city will not have to pay a dime; we believe Vircav deliberately wants to frustrate taxpayers, "says Neguliner.

With all this in mind, we still do not understand why the Riga City Construction Council continues to postpone the commissioning of the building. We ask the authorities to realize that every month we spend on the construction council for non-commissioning costs more than one million and a half euros ". says Andrew Neguliner, Commercial Director, Towers Construction Management, AS.

For media wishing to verify the source status, JSC "Towers Construction Management" is ready to submit all documents mentioned in this statement.

Z Towers' multifunctional real estate project, with 90,000 m2 of office, apartment and retail space, is Riga's tallest project, with incredible panoramic views on each of the 30 floors. The strategic location – across Daugava, opposite the Old Town – will allow it to house major international and local companies in key sectors. Both office and residential residents will have a modern environment and state-of-the-art infrastructure to meet all needs, including a variety of restaurants, a pool gym, 700 underground parking lots, and electric car charging stations.

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