Written by Nora Ikstena after her husband's divorce – Celebrities – Faces


"My physical body refused to live. At that moment, I realized they were no more jokes. [..] My brain gave my body impulses not to live. Of course, this is the time when you are looking for a solution to the addiction. They seem to help you get out of the swamp, but they just go deep. When the body receives an emotional shock, diseases that have been sitting for years and are silent, and wake up from the legs. My analyzes were essentially incompatible with life. But together, we deal with it, "Aegena told the magazine.

As we all know, Ikstena and Beridze met in December 2008 at the Ventspils House of Writers – at that time she had two broken marriages behind her. First with political scientist Jānis Iksten, second with operator Harry Becker.

For the third time in the port of weddings stayed in Georgia in 2010, before moving to Orthodoxy.


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