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Win Carter hopes to replace history with NBA season 22 – Basketball –

42-year-old presenter "Winging It" said he wanted to play season 22 in the strongest basketball league, a new NBA record. For the 21st season, the NBA has appeared in legends such as Dir Novickis, Kevin Garnet, Robert Perish and Kevin Wilson, who has played for 11 years at Hawks in Atlanta, and is now playing with Win Carter.

In Podcast, also led by Karter Beizemor, a member of Carter's team, the experienced player confirmed that he wanted to continue his basketball career next season. "Yes, I'll be back," said Carter, discussing Dwight Weid and Dirka Novicki, who announced a career break this season. When the veteran asked a question about returning to the Hawks from Atlanta, Carter replied, "I'd love to. So let's see what happens."

This summer, the recruited basketball player will become an unrestricted free agent. 2018/19 In the season, the legendary player, the Hawks, played 76 games, and nine of them started early, and on average 17.5 minutes, Carter scored 7.4 points and scored 2.6 rebounds.

Carter is a participant of eight games and 1998/99. the best debut of the season. He announced himself in the league with impressive and almost unbelievable ducks, but he was also a great striker – Carter finished ten NBA seasons with an average of 20 and more points.

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