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Usika therefore owns the wings of the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and the World Boxing Association (WBA).

In the first round, the two boxers were cautious and only hit a few shots, but the next fight became more open, and both Ulysses and Belle did not dare enter the more aggressive attacks. The two boxers were able to find the "ribs" to defend themselves and make some powerful blows.

Bellevue was actively supported by local supporters, while Usik after success episodes was repeatedly silenced.

After the sixth round of the fight in the second half, the pace was noticeably weak, however, overall, Belju was more and more in the corner of the ring and was forced to defend a lot. Usikam did not have a reserve of energy meanwhile, and in the eighth round he put several opponents on the "boards" with a series of powerful blows and won the victory.

After the fight, the two boxers made lots of praise in the audience, believing Luck with Usik and saying he was one of the best boxers he fought against while naming Ulysses Belle as a top-level opponent.

It has been reported that in July Usk triumphed in the World Boxing Superstar final, defeating Murat Gasyev of Russia but in the semi-final he defeated Latvia's leading boxer Mairi Briedi, who at the time suffered his first career failure.

The Ukrainian boxer has thus become the absolute world champion in the first heavyweight and also the first winner of this tournament.

In 2010, Belle became the winner of the WBC Championship in the first heavyweight, but instead of defending the title against Bryde, he decided to move to heavyweights where he fought twice with fellow countryman David Haye in both wins. Meanwhile, the owner of the WBC belt champion became Belly after Belle, but in January, after the battles of this Latvian and Ukrainian, this belt changed to Usika.

Belle expressed her desire to return to the first heavyweight category and wants to recover not only her WBC Championship belt but also to remove Osik from the other three titles.

Meanwhile, Usie's next goals for dignity with Belle are to move on to heavyweights to challenge men like Anthony Joshua or Deon Thousand Wilder later.

Today, Beljour, 35, has won 30 wins in 34 battles, including 20 with a massacre. By the way, Usiks, 31, has won all 16 professional battles during his career, 12 times killing his opponents.


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