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Why not bring a baby? Common Causes of Infertility and Possible Solutions – Intim – – Woman

In 97% of cases, the problem of infertility can be solved – whether with the help of medication or with some medical manipulation, should not be hesitant and wait for the problem to be resolved.

In such a situation, time is not a friend – you have to act and go to the gynecological reproduction technician as soon as possible because the years of ability to fertilize and conceive a child are reduced and because state support for infertility treatment can be obtained at 37 years of age.

Do not live in ignorance

If the couple has decided to become a parent, but the baby has not run for more than a year, one should not expect everything to work out for themselves. It would be advisable for men and women to control their health because sometimes the cause of nonpregnancy can be, for example, an infection or a fibroid, which may ignore not only infertility but also other health problems.

However, it may also be that the couple is healthy and that only a small amount of medication is needed to carry the baby.

If a woman is over 36 years of age, it would be advisable to go to a gynecologist or a reproductive therapist if the pregnancy does not last for 6 months. Sometimes a woman already knows that she has some problems to prevent her from getting pregnant, such as fibroids, endometriosis, tubal problems or chlamydia infections. Even in this case, it is not worth waiting for the year and the specialist should be contacted as soon as the couple decides to take the baby.

Investigations to be carried out in case of suspected infertility

The woman is undergoing hormonal analysis, ultrasound and tested for the presence of infections in the body. Sometimes, uterine cavity (hysteroscopy) and abdominal cavity (laparoscopy) exams may be needed.

The sperm or sperm analysis is performed for the male.

If the sperm is within the normal range, this does not mean that the man is fertile.

There are a number of in-depth semen tests that indicate, for example, that semen is not mature enough, or that sperm are aggregated and that the fertilization function can not be performed when it reaches the woman's body. Therefore, it would be advisable for a man to consult an andrologist and conduct in-depth examinations.

It is also important that the doctor is informed about the general health of the two partners and the diseases that have been transmitted. Depending on the outcome of the primary test and the history of the partner's illness, the doctor may appoint additional tests.

The psychosomatic is also of great importance

It is not always possible to find a cause of infertility. Sometimes physiologically all is well for both a man and a woman, but pregnancy does not occur. Among the unexplained causes, in about 30% of the cases, there may be psychosomatics, that is, the baby's great desire generates anxiety and stress. Chronic stress alters our hormonal balance and may be a cause of pregnancy failure.

Causes of Male Infertility

  • The problem of non-dilution of semen.

In the female body, the sperm becomes liquefied, the unnecessary part goes out, but the healthy, moving sperm goes further toward the egg. If the sperm does not liquefy, the sperm does not reach the egg.

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