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Posting brands, making a cocktail of expectations, achieved results and performance. We start from the end of the table tail and up.

V Team s U N Z Gates P
1 RFS 8 7 0 1 15: 7 21
2 Riga 8 6 0 2 12: 5 18
3 Valmiera Glass / ViA 8 4 2 2 9: 6 14
4 Ventspils 8 3 3 2 10: 8 12
5 Jelgava 8 3 1 4 8: 9 10
6 Daugavpils 8 3 1 4 9: 9 10
7 Liepaja 8 2 1 5 7:11 7
8 Metta 8 2 0 6 9:14 6
9 Spartak 8 2 0 6 8:18 6


First of all, the nuncio Davids apparently did not expect Latvia's football clubs to be so well matched in ten years. With Ventspils in 2010, the second part of the table could be played in one leg – four, five or even seven goals were every day. Now, after the first game, the Italian has relentlessly emphasized how complicated Inferno is. Secondly, while Edgars Gauračs talked to me in the winter that Dzavetjeri is speaking in many languages ​​and he has a good command of English, he does not control the football languages ​​of Latvian major clubs (Russian, English, Latvian). The English Nuncio is tanned. But neither the mercenaries nor the language skills are the main culprits. Obviously, the composition does not draw. If Legionnaires are leaders in other teams, they are, for the most part, future prospects who are not yet ready to drag and take responsibility with strangers overwhelmed by Spartak. In turn, local footballers are generally not a random prisoner. Nerugals, Korzans, Berenfelds, Reicickis, Waganchuk, Kirilin, Melnikchenko, Smyrnov, Schlampe (long-term injury) have never played in qualifying cycles. It is only Freimanis and Gaurach occupied in other works.

Of course, there would be an objection on the spot that this composition should at least "Daugavpils" and "Mettu" go over, but against these teams two defeats with less three goals. The eyes fell on how easy "Spartak" fell on counterattacks. Jūrmalnieki seems to be trying to control the ball (for example, it was very convincing against "Jelgava"), but the number of moments in the attack fades against the missiles. "Spartak" is trying to play football, but is unpopular and often irresponsible. Spartaks averaged more than 50 percent of the ball, but allowed the quadrilateral to hit more often – on average, six times in a game.
Note: 3


It started with five defeats, and the juniors ran the risk of falling into such a deep psychological hole that they could not get out for long. However, two victories came at the right time and were worth a lot. In two matches 18 hits on the frame !! Instead, one can philosophize that in these five rounds, almost all "Mettas" could have points and lack of success, as well as, of course, maturity that is understandable for the team of that age. Particularly painful was the loss of the first round in Daugavpils against the direct competitor when both teams tried to win the win when the score was 0: 0, but the successful batch hit the home in the final minutes. The biggest concern with Mettas is the depth of the bench. So far, only 14 footballers have entered the mainstream, and when forced to include others, it will take time for talents to adapt to football's superpower, speeds, tactics and, of course, petty cunning techniques. 14 of them were lost for a while – unfortunately, the renowned renowned Varslavāns broke the cross link of the Hanseatic School Square.
Note: 6 (because of the points and the place, there is no hand to put more, but given the quality of performance and the age of the team, this is a rather harsh score)


Perhaps an unpopular opinion, but also with this composition and coaches, including the Yang, "Liepaja" could have been somewhere. In the first round against the RFS, I loved the football players, followed by a second lost round and a break, followed by, if not illogical, a home defeat against Spartak. The pressure increased, the flaws in the middle and the health and injuries of the Ikauniek leader in the middle. If John is episodic, many other injuries are long term, which put players on the field at a low level. Then Janga's resignation. Despite all this, the staff is not bad and for me, although "Liepaja" is the only one at the top without dry games, the biggest doubt is about the attack – with Vacadzi Liepāja, too, Dodo, Delgado and Spataru at least not me convince, even in collective actions protection. Also putting subjective observations aside, statistics show (see below) that "Liepāja" in the first round had a purely dominant drive. In Liepaja, the 1st round had the highest ball control and the 2nd-3rd. the best impact balance (gate frame) made / allowed. The smallest number of goals and five losses in eight games does not keep up with these statistics – improve efficiency!

Q. Maybe old-fashioned, but I think if a team is in crisis and has another failure, football networks do not need to put new photos.
Tag: 4


In the first round, when Valmiera captured the story of Cinderella (and still the people of Vidzeme deserve praise), then in the first round, my story of Top1 still belongs to Latgalians. Incidentally, precisely against Valmiera, the Daugavpils were the only weak player to make a mistake with the inclusion of a Japanese legionnaire, while the subordinates of Perissa played their game in the second round with wild enthusiasm.

See how to get to the top! Daugavpils is a super positive example! Instead of artificially embroidering hell, Catching 1. Link with the veterans of the marketing phase and then attracting a different level of funding and completely changing the composition but working with your product on purpose. Of course, this requires a pre-condition, ie his own gym, but in any case sympathizes with Victor Morozs working diligently in the first league, convincingly starting there and now showing his teeth at the top.

For example, I am convinced that Askerov, the best player in Circle 1, would not show a similar performance in Daugavpils if he was tied with the team shortly before this season. The same applies to the whole team "Daugavpils". Askerov was patiently waiting for his chance in the Upper, was not arrogant to any opponent (remember how hard the five balls in the gate Audas were hit by Kaspars Gorkis goodbye, not throwing a moment away even though the game was quickly made) and, above all, appreciate this opportunity. If you have not left Koadio yet …

It is obvious that Daugavpils has done a lot of work in the winter, especially when it seems physically impressive, although it contains many young people. The greatest joy, of course, for the Latvian youth who are developing their game at this level – Zalaks, Toniševs, Balodis, Skrebels, Cucurs, Ilyin and others who have less time. Daugavpils has an excellent team of coaches, and we hope that Moros will be a top-level football specialist in the future, as well as Top Top clubs and maybe even the team.
Note: 9 (Such enthusiasm will be difficult to maintain and statistics also show that in the first round "Daugavpils" probably jumped over his head – let's evaluate him!)


Just as Liepaja faced an epidemic of injuries, but unlike the Kurzeme people, with a weaker composition and a smaller budget, he got a better result. In the long run, three more points (10 to 7) are not, of course, special, but again I emphasize that this is done with less energy. The very performance of the people of Jelgavs shows that they do not feel easy. The stitches come in a tangle. But the main thing is that. In my opinion, Jelgava's performance sometimes lacks cohesive action – the feeling is that his game is split into separate small episodes, but there is no unified press (it is perceived by two three closer) , there is no unified attack (relying on individual actions) or two of the three closest bets), there is no compactness, especially when playing with the ball. Likewise, there were Maly's mistakes. Let me say that, in terms of performance, Jelgava had an end on lap 1, but despite that, Pahar created a team reminiscent of Astafjeva's "Jelgava" – which can not be done with mastery, it can be with a a great order.
Note: 7


Everything is clear here: after the arrival of Shishhanov, most of the local footballers do not move or even go away to "Ventspils" for good. I did not think of it – in the first place, it is shown by the transitions themselves. Soccer players with a good resume go to the RFS, Riga and Liepaja, but instead of those who came to other teams last year were booking. "Ventspils" explains this with the disproportionate financial requirements of the first group of footballers, but knowing that salary, for example, was paid to Forteš, does not really believe in this version. Second, this is heard in the conversations of the players … Vukuchevich does a good job, is an enthusiast, the club has excellent training conditions, the first green field, Ventspils matches with great self-esteem, the team has the powerful Tosin, Mordatenko is reborn. However, the wonders of football are hard to come by – so footballers do not insult and prove otherwise on the pitch, but I think of Ventspils players with the Latvian passport there is hardly anyone in RFS or Riga. The closest of the show was Kazachoc (currently the captain of Ventspils), which, while healthy, was not eleventh in RFS. All this is expressed. It remains to make up the difference at the expense of legionaries, who is also far from successful. Nothing is lost in the fight for the highest places, but the mind is still late – Ventspils has 20 times medals in 22 seasons, finishing only in 4th place and if the 1st lap of this year finishes in 4th place with -9 points of the leaders, more signal at all.
Note: 6

"Valmiera Glass" / ViA

I will disagree with those who say that Valmiera's composition is good and such performance and results are logical. Well, the fact that two (one of them Valmiera) of the 20 journalists in the preseason predictions put the team in 6th place, the rest below, would still be a little bit – at that time, even Valmiera's community was almost unknown to public. But now that we know it, we can analyze it. Yes, of course, football players are good, but no one will tell me that even a "Top6" (at the moment Valmiera has become like this, at least for now) would take Lazarev, Kramen, Krautman, Eagle, Michelon as the eleventh player before of the season. , Gryznov, Yermolayev, Jaunzemus brothers. Ui, sorry, I nominate practically all Latvian football players in which Valmiera Glass / ViA football is based …

Some with a slightly larger name, of course, but Bogdaškin and Kārkliņš were rejected by Riga (I doubt rivals Liza Boris and Kris), Punculu "Riga" and "Liepāja". Legionaries? If anything, Valmiera and Mettu use the least number of legionaries. Much smaller than other leading teams. It is true that the few are successful – Nakamura is my favorite, and Lelis fits well (coming back to the subject, if it would be necessary for the Top teams, this quarterback won our first league last year), Halloween and Pasifik. Valmiera is undoubtedly a big positive surprise. As a footballer told me, Pertija will even teach the bear to play … There are also important questions: (1) Will the team be physically prepared, especially knowing how energetic and aggressive the press is to make a Georgian player? (2) How long will the characters of Valmiera and Tamaz be compatible? (3) Will everything go well with finances? At the same time – do the same Nakamuru and other leaders in the summer not be crushed by competitors?
Note: 8


I do not understand the performance of this club's management activities, and I can also end the in-depth analysis here. Of course, talking to coaches. As a football agent said, he will not offer his clients / coaches "Riga" because he does not want to damage his reputation … Of course the champions do not have a good tone – "Riga" is not only a good budget , but also a very good set, smart players. Maybe it's just lack of creativity and skill in the center and the front – at least until Karashaus runs. Shakesh, Panic, Laizan, Rugin, however, work on horses, not on pianists. The unbelievable zero series of this year is unlikely to repeat itself this year – an effective attack will certainly be needed, especially in a tournament as difficult as this. In any case Riga's potential is evidenced by the fact that, despite the resignation of two coaches in a month and a half against the direct competitor of RFS, the champions after lap 1 are in second with only -3 points against 1º place. In summer, if necessary, Riga will open the wallet and can do anything. At the moment, it's hard to say that the RFS would be a bigger candidate for the title than the one in Riga.
Note: 8


There could be 10 points if not the closing game in Ventspils. Anyway, I ask for an assessment of the achievements of the RFS in the first seven rounds, including Barcelona, ​​PSG, Juventus, Bayern and City, whatever their dominance and significantly higher than the league average, 7-0-0. exceptional cases. RFS did this in an alloy that is strong, very similar. Well, there is no RFS paycheck and composition somewhere in space compared to other Top4 units from last year! Steady goalkeeper, double of center guards (court, Bulvītis very liberated), great Challenger, fantastic competition in the middle line, black worker Seto, good caught up Kouadio and of course Dambrausk, known for the Vilnius trio "Grunwald" Shimkovich, Blagoyevich, Malecs. The good news is that RFS made this start-up for the second consecutive year – last year there was a bit of wear and tear and a lot of bitter and valuable experience to learn.
Note: 9

Q. I am aware that the marks are probably very much linked to the result achieved (depending on the potential of the team, composition), and on the second lap things can turn upside down. But at the moment, projecting the future is really difficult. It is worth mentioning that of the 36 games, 20 or 56% finished with a goal prize, but four still scored. Meanwhile, the collapse (the difference between the three gates) was only four. Three of those losses in the recent Latvian champion "Spartak".

Instat statistic

Instat offers a wider range of statistics, but I have selected three important indicators, in my opinion, ball control, the number of hits in the goal square and the exact number of matches (which, of course, correlates significantly with the control of the ball).

Ball control on average in the game

Bumps in the quadrilateral on average in a match

The opponent hits the average goal in the game average

Difference between yours and your knockout in a quadratic (middle game)

The exact number of departures averaged in the match

Number of exact passes made by opponents on average at match

Difference between your exact pass and your opponent's pass (average match)

Sometimes the game goes in the same direction – for example, which team wins the initial rejection or is simply demoralized at the destruction. An impressive example – "Metta" in the first five games together made nine shots in the quadrilateral, but was inspired in the game against "Spartak" (3: 0), making 10 (!) Shots on the goalboard. This one game completely improves the overall picture but does not objectively show what happened in the first six rounds overall. Similarly, Spartak was shot in two games (victory over Valmiera and Daugavpils, though lost by 1: 4), while in many games he was silent.

For this reason, the charts below show the same statistics, but without the two best and two worst games of each team. That is, the statistics of the average of four games of each team are displayed.

Ball control on average in the game

Bumps in the quadrilateral on average in a match

The opponent hits the average goal in the game average

Difference between yours and your knockout in a quadratic (middle game)

The exact number of departures averaged in the match

Number of exact passes made by opponents on average at match

Difference between your exact pass and your opponent's pass (average match)

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