VW Passat became the best-selling in the history of a midsize car


The Volkswagen Passat has become the best-selling mid-range car in the world. Over 46 years, the Deutsche Mark produced 30 million copies of this model. The jubilee car this week off the VW factory transporter in Germany.

The VW Passat GTE, a silver multi-purpose hybrid power unit, has become the birthday car. Only with electricity is a car capable of driving up to 55 kilometers. In addition, this hybrid meets the strict environmental standards Euro 6d, which will only take effect in 2021.

Currently, the VW Passat model is produced on three continents, with 10 factories and sales in more than 100 countries.

According to the number of cars produced, the VW Passat only benefits from VW Golf, which produced 35 million units over 45 years. For comparison, the legendary VW Beetle model consists of 21.5 million units.

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