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This technology allows Volvo cars to communicate through a cloud-based network and alert drivers on slippery roads and other dangerous factors.

The Hazard Light Warning and Slipway Alert features were first introduced in 2016 for the Volvo 90 Series in Sweden and Norway. These features will soon be available to Volvo drivers across Europe. They will be standard on all new Volvo cars of the year 2020 and can be installed on some previous models *.

"Sharing real-time safety data between cars can help prevent accidents," said Malins Ekholm, chief executive officer of the Volvo Cars Security Center. "Volvo owners are directly contributing to improving traffic safety for other drivers who have activated this feature while benefiting from timely warnings of potentially dangerous road conditions."

Volvo's safety research shows that adapting speed to real traffic situations can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. By alerting drivers to dangerous factors before the road and allowing them to adjust their speed well in advance, safety communication technologies can promote a more cautious driving style and improve road safety.

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With the activation of these functions on a pan-European basis, Volvo Cars reiterates its call for the automotive industry to engage in data exchange related to anonymous traffic between different car brands.

The exchange of such data in real time can contribute significantly to the overall improvement of road safety and its impact will increase as more and more cars join this exchange network. Since last year, Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks are exchanging data to warn drivers of the threats nearby in Sweden and Norway.

"The more cars that exchange safety data in real time, the safer our roads are. We look forward to working with other partners who, like us, are trying to improve safety, "added Malin Ekholm.

At the time of its introduction, Volvo Cars was the first of its kind in the automotive industry. As soon as the warning lights are on for a Volvo equipped with this feature, the Hazard Light Alert sends a signal to all nearby Volvo cars to alert drivers and help prevent possible accidents. This is especially useful when driving on tight roads and steep hills.

PHOTO: Volvo

Slippery Road Alert, on the other hand, draws drivers' attention to the current road conditions and to the next road, anonymously collecting information on the road surface of the cars ahead and warning drivers who are approaching the slippery road ahead .

In March 2019, Volvo Cars made several announcements with the aim of promoting more responsible drivers and safer driving. Starting in 2020, all Volvo cars will have a speed limit of up to 180 km / h. Soon after 2020, the company will also install camcorders and other sensors in cars that will monitor drivers' behavior and allow the intervention of automotive systems if a clearly drunk or distracted driver runs the risk of causing an accident that could result in serious injury or death.

Finally, the company said it would make its security research data available in a centralized digital library for the first time, inviting other car manufacturers to use it to make our roads safer for everyone.

*The Dangerous Light Alert and Slipway Alert features are available for all Volvo cars with the SPA (Scalable Product Architecture – SPA) or CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) model year 2016.


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