Video: Mārtiņš Ruben is excited about the ‘Volkswagen ID.3’ electric car


At the wheel of the Volkswagen ID.3, the program “Tavs Auto TV” invited a person who is not afraid of speed to sit down. Mārtiņš Rubenis is one of the few Latvians whose list of awards also includes Olympic medals on sleigh rides. He has now stopped working as an active athlete and, as a sleigh trainer and mechanical engineer, is transferring his knowledge to new talents.

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With the models of the “ID” family, VW inaugurates a new era of electric cars. The electric cars in this range differ from the previous ones because since the drawing board they were created only as electric models, and in an existing car the internal combustion engine was replaced by an electric one.

The first 50 VW ID.3 1st Edition cars destined for the Baltic region were cut like hot pies. The basic model “ID.3” “Pure” will go on sale early next year and will cost 32,900 euros. It is interesting that your equipment is specially adapted to Latvian climatic conditions. The electric car will be equipped with a 45 kWh battery, enough to cover 330 km without recharging the batteries. The price already includes an extended five-year factory warranty, a charging cable and an internal heat pump. In other parts of Europe, this equipment is charged.

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