Ventspils Reiss again receives the Platinum Recognition of Sustainability Index


Ventspils Reiss again receives the Platinum Recognition of Sustainability Index

2019 June 20, 13:31 / PSIA "Ventspils Reiss Photograph:

Municipal "Ventspils reiss" received the highest rating in Latvia's Sustainability Index rating upon receiving Platinum recognition repeatedly, so this year it became not only the passenger carrier in Latvia that received the Platinum Sustainability Index, but also the only passenger carrier that received in 2019 Sustainability.

The initiators of the Sustainability Index are the Latvian Employers' Confederation, the Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Latvia and the Institute for Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility, and their objectives are to increase the competitiveness of Latvian companies as well as to help Latvian companies to evaluate their performance and get an overview of the necessary improvements. It is a strategic management tool that helps companies identify the sustainability and accountability of their operations and gives the public an objective picture of the most responsible Latvian companies.

Compliance with any of the 5 Sustainability Categories is determined by a competent jury of experts assessing the participant's performance in five key business areas. First of all, it is a business strategy or planning for long-term activities; Market relationships – Opening of the business process and customer responsibility Work environment (personnel policy), environment (company impact on the environment) and investment in society (health promotion measures, cooperation with the local community). Each questionnaire response must be justified and certified by a public reference on the internet or other means of communication, or by an official document, as the Sustainability Index assesses what is practically happening in the company. According to the results reported (ability to demonstrate snow and meeting the criteria), companies are divided into four categories: platinum (more than 90%) gold (80-89.9%), silver (60-79.9 %) and bronze (from 40 to 59.9%).

One of the greatest benefits of participating in this type of evaluation is feedback, as the jury provides a written analysis of the assessment for each participant, not only on the shortcomings, but also on practical suggestions for future growth.

In Latvia, the Sustainability Index is evaluated for the tenth year and this year, not only companies, but also state and municipal capital companies, as well as various institutions and organizations participate. Ventspils reiss has been participating in the evaluation of the Sustainability Index for the seventh year and has managed to present good results already in the first year of participation, when it was evaluated with Prata. Gradually improving its performance in all areas, including the second year of membership, has confirmed the silver compliance and then three consecutive times – Gold, for the second consecutive year – Platinum.

The above mentioned award is one of the most notable achievements of the SIA Ventspils reiss municipality, which confirms that the company's work is organized at the highest level. Platinum-winning companies are demonstrating in their operations a responsible attitude and a high level of corporate responsibility in all areas of their business, defining responsibilities at the executive and executive levels. These companies have a systematic collection of data and impact assessments, as well as regular and transparent reports on their activities. They are concerned not only with their employees, but also with their customers, partners and the local community, both in evaluation processes and in performance improvement, and the data disclosed by these companies have been approved by an external auditor.

In addition to this recognition, in 2019 Ventspils Municipality Ltd received the status of the Ministry of Welfare as Family Business and the "Environment for the Environment" Prize of Ventspils Town Council for the seventh consecutive year. contribution to family value. friendly ". The company was recognized as the safest passenger carrier in Latvia for 6 years.

Municipal "Ventspils reiss" is a 100% municipal capital company, founded in 1997. It provides public transport services on the city bus routes of Ventspils, long-distance routes and personalized tours, and also manages the Ventspils bus station .


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