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The President noted that today our homeland is an independent state and each of us has our freedom. Despite the wars and occupations, we were the most difficult and we defend the most expensive, said the politician.

Voithonis turned to the question of what he sees as Latvia's ideal future. He emphasized that the basis of what a country would be depends on ourselves:

"It's a symbolic moment to see Latvia ideal. The kind of Latvia we will do every day is and always will be in our own power."

The president recalled Raine's words that it would not be desirable to have democracy in our country, not wanting our country. These words are true today, emphasized Vējonis. "Only a democratic state guarantees equal rights to the law and security for all of us, and everyone must be members of their country," the politician explained.

"In the future, I see a people who speak Latvian with pride and whose culture is wonderful for the whole world. A country that always supports the weak and distinct inspires everyone to achieve their goals," said the president.

"In Latvia's second hundred centuries, I see a plurality of Latvia: where the strongest generations from generation to generation inherit love of the motherland, care for their land and its people and the nearest of them, the country where each child loves, a country where new knowledge and creativity are celebrated. A country that supports everyone's ability to realize their dreams. "

"For a hundred years we are mature and mature, we are a mature nation, we become responsible for our country and its inseparable place in Europe. We also assume our share of the common destiny of our planet," continued the president, "I see Latvia, where knowledge is followed by new discoveries, growth, and prosperity. Everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor, and everyone can say – we are rich. "

Vējonis emphasized that today I see Latvia as an adult, so he sees the land proud and the people who give the world, do not pray and take. "I see potential people who are going to give their grandchildren Latvia more solid than ever."

"Let's celebrate the centenary of our country with a real joy for our success and a secure belief in the future," insisted the president.

"We are all from Latvia," concludes Vējonis, "because faith and love for our country and for freedom inspire us to a great work in our Latvia!"


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