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"I've never imagined that a doctor would say" cancer. "But I've never really been seriously harmed, and even now it's really nothing wrong!

Now the second operation on one of the best oncologists in Latvia – Dr. Macuk – has been successfully completed, but for safety reasons, you also need chemotherapy. I would not want to run out of hair (it was the song "Basic Stamina" with the text – one in the corner sitting hairless! It will be for me), I know we are in the top universities and hospitals in the UK, maybe someone is involved in clinical trials of cancer treatment?

Filming and flying will have to be delayed for some time, but maybe you'll finally get caught up in the YouTube redecoration video series. It has always been postponed and postponed because things have always been more important for filming …

In any case, the situation is not hopeless, it was very disappointing that it was discovered on time, and if I would fight well then, as the doctor said, "we can expect a good result." Except for the hair, of course, "Kalve wrote.

I never imagined the doctor saying "cancer." I've never done anything serious, and so far …

Posted by Ilze Kalve on Wednesday, 17 April 2019

As the "Private Life" issue was discovered by a TV personality, it conducted its operations in Latvia, not in the UK, because here it was possible to do so for a faster rate, in addition, Latvian doctors were more professional. "It is true that I was not prepared for such costs, but the main thing is that everything has already been done." I was lucky because the first investigation until the second operation lasted just over a month. resident of an EU country may opt for private medical services in any EU country and my country of origin pays for them. "

Kalve admitted that she does not need financial support for the time being;

She was also able to disclose an incident that occurred after the operation.

"You can see one of my biggest old fools in the picture – on the fourth day after the operation I discovered that going out in the sun for a walk because the doctor puts it all right until I had to go back to the fifth floor. help, which, as we know, is actively engaged in physical conditioning, calculated how much weight I had put in the gym before, and quietly took me in a step.

In his photo in the photo, the litter is Ansis, the man's back carries the coat. Nothing can be seen, but at least the fact is solved!

You can see one of my biggest recent nonsense in the photo – on the 4th day after surgery I discovered the sun …

Posted by Ilze Kalve on Thursday, 18 April 2019


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