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Dainis Turlais

Dainis Turlais (GKR), mayor of Riga, did not pass a vote of confidence, thus losing the position of mayor of the capital.

Trust in Turla was expressed by 31 Members – all opponents, non-attached Members, Oskars Putniņš and Independent Members Groupconsisting of four Harmony excluded politicians Valery Petrov, Alexey Roslikov, Vitaly Dubov and Vadim Barannix.

28 Coalition MPs and opposition MP Imants Keix (JKP) supported their stay in Turkey.

After announcing the results of the vote, Riga's deputy mayor Oleg Burov (GKR) announced a breakup of the meeting and called all faction leaders to a meeting.

If a new mayor is not elected to Riga within two months, the Saeima will have the right to encourage the resignation of the City Council.

The Turks elected the Mayor of Riga on May 30 and soon after the coalition split Harmony four deputies were excluded, the opposition sparked a vote of suspicion in Turla to see if he was still able to secure majority support.

The ruling Riga ruling coalition began a few months ago when Riga city council chairman Nils Ushakov (S) and vice-president Andris Ameriks (GKR) announced the election to the European Parliament.

For several months, President Burow and the ruling coalition indicated that the next mayor of the city would be decided only after election results were received.

Both Usakov and the Americas were elected to the European Parliament and soon after the elections Glory to serve Riga announced that Harmony The mayoral candidate will not be accepted. Amata was named Glory to serve Riga member of Turul, who was elected chairman of the council by unanimous support of the coalition.

Mayor of Riga Harmony offered to appoint Governor Sandri Bergman (S), but four, now the former Harmony MEPs Valery Petrov, Alexey Rossikov, Vitaly Dubov and Vadim Baranin objected to this, resulting in the exclusion of the party and the faction. The party leadership explained that these members were excluded from "gross violations."

All four counselors created Independent Members Group and expressed the opinion that Bergman's candidacy had not been endorsed, but he wanted to discuss it more carefully, as the group's leadership had given no explanation – why this candidacy was chosen. At the same time, thinkers discovered that the conflict in the faction was long ago, because for almost ten years Ushakov boosted it with an "iron hand", preventing most members from expressing their opinions.

However, the tearful conversations show that divisions are According because the councilors could not share their positions and spheres of influence.


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