Transmission: A large part of the vitamins sold in pharmacies are useless – beautiful and healthy – – woman


In order to try to clarify how to guide the abundance of vitamins, the LTV transmitted "The Prohibited Method" bought several vitamins – both cheaper and more expensive, which were studied by the immunologist Lauris Līcītis. The immunologist concludes that some of the vitamins discussed are some that are really worthwhile, but there are also parodies of vitamins.

The immunologist Liceitis emphasizes that it is better to take vitamins by eating foods rich in vitamins.

In turn, the use of vitamins as "separate chemical formulas" already created by the pharmaceutical industry may be all of this: "It has to be carefully evaluated, because at best we can simply quit these vitamins for simplicity. C, the choice of vegetables is much better. "

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The immunologist indicates that vitamin B can be taken with food and there is no need to use synthetic pills. It is true that he admits that the diet can be supplemented with natural vitamins such as yeast tablets. Vitamin D can be ingested by eating fish, shrimp and, for example, mushrooms, but may still be lacking.

Immunologist's Recommendations for Vitamin Buy:

  • Particular attention should be given to the concentration of the active substance – the higher the better;
  • It is better to choose not the synthesized C vitamins, but the different variants that dominate, such as rose bushes and other plants;
  • choose not different vitamin complexes, where each of your doses may be small, but a specific vitamin with its proper dosage;
  • While using vitamins, make sure they show some effect after analysis – it may be that the particular type of preparation is not accepted by the body.

Of the vitamins studied in the "Prohibited Method", the dose of vitamin C was higher in three preparations with a concentration of 1000 mg. In the rest, where vitamin C was lower, the tablet still consisted of sugar, glucose and potato starch, so in principle it was useless.

In addition, a preparation with a vitamin B12 concentration of less than 20 mg to buy and drink is not worth it. Also with vitamin D – if the concentration is less than 20 mg, it is not worth buying it.

LTV broadcasts indicate – there are a few things to know when buying vitamins at a pharmacy. That is, in contrast to prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs, for which the state regulates the upper limit, vitamins are mainly in the category of nutritional supplements.

This means that the pharmacy itself makes a mark-up.

Prices at pharmacies may vary, and before you buy it, it's worth looking at if it's cheaper at a nearby drugstore.

A pharmacist at a pharmacy, without revealing his identity, tells the LTV program "Prohibited Technique":

"Medications as such, with their small profit margin of 12%, the small VAT, so to speak, bring low profits, most profitable directly from vitamins and dietary supplements, or medical supplies."

"There are these detention groups, there is a representative office in Latvia, there are always those foreign directors and then they come and ask why you have a rating there. Of course, we always want to be the best, the coolest, so the other countries we are also trying, this is what comes from our company manager – he, why, why he (..) also talks to his colleagues because this rating is so small because the basket is so small that it can there are more and more and more everything to bet. "

"The number of" x "boxes sold comes with the same kind of money, so you get that number" x "and the amount of money comes from that amount.


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