The rookie receives brilliant greetings from the English team




Wayne Rooney is proud of the England football team.

Wayne Rooney is proud of the England football team.


One of England's most successful footballers at the time, Wayne Rouney, played a farewell game in England on Thursday, helping the country beat the USA with a 3-0 win.

The game of Ronny Wembley, with a standing ovation, underwent a change in the 58 minutes when the home was ahead with 2: 0. The footballer was also honored even before the start of the match when he went to the square with his four children, including a half-year-old pastry. Runi received the honorary plaque with an English pictogram – three lions.

The winners were marked by Jesse Lingard, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Kelly Wilson, who played the first game in the ranks of the country.

"I saw that the future of the English team is in good hands, there are good new players on the team who have a great coach," said Royny after the match, which scored 120 games in the team, which scored 53 goals, which is the best score of Everytime.

Ronijs were given a chance to change things around.

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This season's footballer went to the United States club in Washington, DC. He announced his departure from the United States last August, but did not play for two years in the sample.

Meanwhile, in another game, Joachim Lev trained the German team in their 3: 0 draw with Russia, winning goal for Līra Sane, Niklas Zīle and Serž Gnabrī.


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