The Real Madrid Season will sell one of the star-class / Day goalkeepers


Nowadays the Madrid club has two first-class goalkeepers – in London, the London team was bought last year. Chelseawhile Navass has been one of the cornerstones of the unit's success in previous years.

Before the return of Zinedin Zidan Real the head coach had more to say in Curt while the French driver was back at the wheel, and Navasam also had the opportunity. It is noteworthy that on Saturday the gate of the royal club was also guarded by Lucca, son of Zidan, 20, who was extremely rare in his first command.

Due to the competition between Curt and Navas, the position of the first goalkeeper is still unclear Real in the club.

"At the moment, there are three good goalkeepers in the team, so we will finish the season," said Zidan. "I can guarantee there will be no debate about the first goalkeeper next season. The situation on the team will be very clear."

So a French expert made it clear that midway through the season, one of the goalkeepers is likely to be sold, and he thinks Lucca Zidan may also be involved in the fight for the first number.

"Lucca has been here for 16 years.If people think I give him a chance for personal reasons, he does not care.He earned his own opportunities," Zidan did not hide.

The future of Welsh midfielder Gereta Beila in Madrid is also unclear. Zidan did not deny that rumors about the footballer's future were different, but first and foremost to wait for the end of the season to decide next steps, and the coach expressed hope that defender Rafael Varans will remain at the club.

This season, the Madrid team will have to be without trophies, as they have retired from the UEFA Champions League and the Spanish Cup while the local championship is in third place.


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