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Last year, despite the objections of a private medical institution and a regional hospital organization, the government supported the Ministry of Health's proposal to redistribute more than 8 million euros of budget funds originally intended to serve chronic patients for other purposes. Most of the redistributed money – EUR 5.7 million – was earmarked for the purchase of new medical equipment at the Hospital of the Eastern Clinic of Riga University (RAKUS). However, the Latvian Oncology Center, which operates under RAKUS, has recently remained without a mammogram for a long time.

Working in an oncology center with old and broken equipmentKristaps Feldmanis

The Latvian Oncology Center is the leading cancer care institution in Latvia. It has been a problem with the hardware. Already last year, Vilnis Lietuvietis, a board member of the Hospital of the Eastern Clinic of Riga, explained to Latvian radio that the new facilities for the clinic are extremely necessary, since the existing ones were 11, 12 and 16 years old. The mammogram was also broken, so it was not possible to detect breast cancer in its early stages at the Oncology Center.

Normunds Beļskis, a representative of the Riga University Hospital East Clinical, explains where the funds were invested: "The last major investments in RAKUS: diagnostic radiology equipment with the best financial price – they are computers, they are ultrasound; It is an early diagnosis of cancer that is very important. In fact, there was no investment for 10 years. Realistically, RAKUS devices, both radiotherapy and ultrasound equipment, were not less than eight years old. On the contrary, until the age of 18 years. Last year was a breakthrough due to serious investment in technology. Of course this process is not over yet, it will continue for two or three years, maybe even four years.

Last year, the government allocated 5.7 million to purchase equipment at the Hospital Clínica Oriental in Riga. Belsky explains that

The money allocated is invested in buying hardware that helps detect prostate cancer in its early stages.

& Quot; For that money, three computers were purchased, including a new resonance device that can be used not only for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer but also for other oncological diseases – both a lithotripsy machine and a special device for modern treatment of prostate cancer. Essentially, this device is not experimental, this device opens a new era for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer patients in those who were diagnosed in the first and second stages. It's a bit invasive, and the patient regains full working ability within a few days and regains the ability to continue his sex life as a man, "Belsky said.

Why, in a situation where some of the equipment has technical problems, only the new ones were not bought to provide at least one basic need, but the money goes to another, possibly modern? Belgsky points to the uniqueness of a particular prostate cancer diagnosis device: "Well, if we have 27 mammography machines in Latvia, this device, which is a treatment for male prostate cancer, is currently the only one of its kind."

Photo: Latvian Radio / Kristaps Feldmanis

Meanwhile, other hardware is in poor condition and slows down.

Jānis Saulīte, head of the Center for Diagnostic Radiology, admits that the old mammography machine requires more care. "With the mammography machine, it's time for the old plant to become more and more frequent. Always give us this technique [rodas]and we can not predict this, although we have generally anticipated such damages. And they are linked to companies that service their equipment, so-called full-service contracts, which deliver their spare parts immediately in case of damage, "says Sun.

Jānis Saulīte points out that

the equipment should be seen in conjunction with experts. The University Hospital should offer the latest generation of treatment.

In the same way, the equipment attracts new doctors because it makes them more interesting in the clinic. Modern equipment also help keep experienced and knowledgeable colleagues in mind.

& Quot; You do not need to imagine that hardware is the most important, I think the most important is the staff, the doctors. The hardware can "compete" within a month and buy, but doctors have to learn for 5-10 years to become an expert, and these experts are very important to us and have to be attracted so they have an interest in working so they do not want to work where they work elsewhere. There is already a situation where key doctors, if they do not have the technical capacity to work, begin to look for other options and work for the institutions that have them. As it is also a way to maintain a center of excellence as such, it must be equipped with the best equipment. And this is one of the positive examples that money has been positively divided to be the highest level of quality competence, "says Sun.

Photo: Latvian Radio / Kristaps Feldmanis

Juris Jansons, a new doctor / resident at the Clinic of Urology and Urology Oncology, explains that when it comes to acquiring new equipment in hospitals, there is a catch in his side, meaning his area seems to be the highest priority. "It must be understood that medicine as a structure and system is very complicated. All kinds of financing, a variety of projects. You can not pick it up and put it all in one pot – now you see where there is a single wallet and divide by priority. And their priorities are not that one is more priority, the other is not more priority. Thus, the workstation is more important to the radiologist, his patient with prostate cancer is more important to the urologist, "explains Janson.

The representative of the Eastern Hospital, Normunds Beļskis, admits that such a large hospital, such as the Hospital of the Eastern Clinical University of Riga, should pass on to the availability of each device in pairs, otherwise the treatment of all patients with the equipment is interrupted.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Ilze Vairķele ("For Development / Par!") Points out that RAKUS has only one mammogram. She agrees that the priorities in the hospital acquisition were not correct.

"If we take into account how this particular clinic was attached to this expensive toy, then here is the Ministry of Health as a shareholder of RAKUS.

The Lithuanian doctor found his ears in a previous Saeima commission and went to the prime minister, "says Jeff.

Minister of Health Ilze Vairķele Janis Ramans

In addition, university hospitals are in a prime position in purchasing equipment because they may request additional funding for this purpose, but regional hospitals do so within their own budget. In addition, the minister points out that the mammoths in the hospitals of Daugavpils and Liepaja paid less than the price offered in Riga.

"Obviously, the ministry as a shareholder needs to be more captivating in evaluating these purchases, as the ministry needs to coordinate these large purchases," Vickel emphasizes, seeing a solution in consultation with regional hospitals to purchase equipment at lower prices.

In turn, the minister said that such an acquisition is currently being planned for funding a new RAKUS mammogram. And she will also talk to hospital management: "How do they convince the Ministry of Health that this mammogram purchase is made so that the competition is free so that the contest winner is not known before the competition and the hospital and the patients receive the best mammogram possible. "

Photo: Latvian Radio / Kristaps Feldmanis


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