Friday , April 23 2021

The fisherman is experiencing a withdrawal from the World Cup in the centennial of Latvia

Why a fisherman on 18 November in the state of Latvia on November 18 entered the FIS World Cup Rally in a slalom for the second time in his career. In addition, Mikam's second attempt was not successful, as experienced retreat, informs the portal "Delfi" in the Latvian Ski Federation.

Considering that Mika's brother, Kristaps Zvejnieks, does not start this season, Latvia has won a place in the World Cup. In the Finnish resort of Levi, the first part of the season in the slalom discipline took place over the weekend. Why, the corresponding place in the FIS ranked, was in the 83rd competition of starting numbers, which means difficult conditions, because the conditions of the track are not more optimal.
On the first two breaks, the time shown by Mika was enough to enter the TOP60, the hardest part was why he did not handle the ride on the way out.

After the tournament, Mike Zvejnieks said: "The preparations for the World Cup were not so good, but the opportunity was given to everyone because the race was very good, but unfortunately I have not finished. It does not end here, Levituvoja FIS, but then the first stage of the European Cup. Train yourself to be ready for all the competitions with full return! "

The winner was defeated by current world champion Marsel Hiršer, who overcame his main competitor Henrik Christopheren for 0.09 seconds, while the third left Andrew Mücher, beating the winner by more than a second.

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