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Saturday, March 23, at 12:00 pm The closing event of the contemporary dance project "What Dance Fits the Fields?" Will take place at Ladezer Elementary School. Visitors will have the opportunity to survive the entire project and get information on the solo performance of choreographer Agates Banka, "Membra", who will visit Lezezer for the first time.

The cycle organizers will invite you to remember the experience by looking at the video fragments and photographic materials from the previous eight events. There will be an answer to the dance artists who have already participated in the project – Alice Putniņš, Rūdolfs Gediņš and Elīna Lutci – as well as experienced local mentors who were present at most events.

Thus the image of the entire cycle will also be available to visitors who have never been to any of the events. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, including the most provocative questions. Perhaps it is finally announced that dance is right for the field. In the practical part, exercises that are useful for health, wellness and beauty, especially to close the event.

At the end of the project, you will also have the opportunity to meet the choreographers and dancers Agati Bankava. The artist will perform fragments of her performance "Membo", which was already announced as a poem about the relationship between man and destiny. "When I created this work, it was important to me that everything was concrete, determined, conscious. Now my thoughts have changed – like fate, life goes on. What is Membrane today, when concreteness and certainty no longer seem to be the most important and important art in art?

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Agatha Bankava is one of the most promising contemporary dance artists of the new generation. The performances of agate "Rauts" (2015) and "Nature Morte" (2016) were nominated for "Gambling Night" in the category "Realization of Contemporary Dance". With his bachelor's thesis, Rauts was awarded the main prize of the student theater festival "Autumn of the Patriarch".

For the first Dance Award to be presented on April 29 of this year, Agate was nominated in the category "Choreographer / Contemporary Dance Dance" for "Bad", "Memor" and "Future Freak", "Dance Future Freak" Contemporary Dance ". production or event ". Agatha not only creates choreographies for her performances, but also works in dramatic theaters, creates movements for theater performances, collaborating with directors such as Andrei Yarovoy, Elm Sehnkov, Māris Ķimele, Gennady Ostrovsky, Martins Eihe. Ágate Bankava is not limited and every year reveals new facets of his artistic personality to the spectators, thus complementing the Latvian cultural scene.

Entrance for free.


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