Saturday , October 23 2021

The CSDD comes out with the Ligo Celebration Campaign – "The Ball Party – Get Out!" – News – – Auto


A study commissioned by the CSDD shows that nearly a third – 32% – of drivers drove a car without being sure that there is enough sleepiness.

Like the most frequent accusations of such an action-an emergency, a good feeling, even if they slept only a few hours, or there was no other way to get home.

Video: Campaign – "For the party – get lost!

In order to invite people to sleep and drink under this celebration this year, the CSDD, in collaboration with the Bermuda Duo Group, will be holding the "Ball Party – Lullaby" campaign, where musicians have rewritten their most famous song.

"Based on the average statistics, alcohol is released from the body at a rate of 0.12 to 0.15 per hour, which is also influenced by numerous other factors – sex, weight, eating habits, etc. Even the same amount of The amount of alcohol consumed by each person can be reduced to different rates, so it is important for a person to rationally evaluate how much is too much and how long it takes for sleep to sleep properly. that the person can handle properly with the wheel of the car and the complete sleep guarantees to you a behavior of quality and a safe direction.Any drowning in the wheel can finish in a hospital or even in a morgue, warns Dr. Ilze Maksima .

"From year to year, driving drunk, most of society is no longer taught – they know that glass and steering wheel are not compatible. This year's statistics also show that in five months, 240 accidents involving 77 injured but dead. with the respective period of 2018, the number of accidents caused by intoxication decreased by 10%, "Andris Lukstiņš, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CSDD, sees the usefulness of the actions.

According to Lukstins, the study of public attitudes shows that a quarter of respondents believe that driving in Latvia is still a common problem. At the same time, the public becomes more knowledgeable and most drivers confirm that sleep is the only "remedy" against poisoning, since neither water, food, sports activities or any other activity reduces the level of alcohol in the blood.

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