The Bank declined to provide information to investigators /


"I have never experienced a bank or other financial marketing professional opposing an investigation and interfering with access to documents or information required in the investigation process," the prosecutor said indignantly of the launch. Dagens Industri.

Companies Nordia attorneys representing Swedbank In the case of a possible money laundering case, no debt remained, indicating that the conclusions of the study commissioned by the bank were covered by the confidentiality agreement between the client and the service provider.

Swedbank in a generalized indignant statement: "It is inconceivable that the promoter does not respect the law (requiring the disclosure of information protected by the client and the service provider, namely: Nordia, confidentiality – ed.), and uses the media to question the bank's management and suspect that the bank's management is disrupting the investigation. "

Nordia pointed out that Swedish law stipulates that documents drawn up by lawyers in accordance with the specific order of the client should not be made available to prosecutors or other law enforcement officials. The law firm did not hide that it advised the bank not to send the report to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The message is in a sealed envelope and will remain there until "all possible consequences are evaluated".

The prosecution announced Sunday that it had not resigned and continued to believe that the bank had not cooperated fully.

Financial Times writes that the "name battles" of the prosecutor and the representatives of the banks exacerbate the scandal of possible money laundering Swedbank accounts. The promoter's announcements cast doubt on the bank's administration even after the post had to be lost Swedbank Brigitte Bonnesen, group leader.

Has already reported that since February, the Baltic market for the largest bank Swedbank attention was given to the media reported that there were large sums of money that could be related to money laundering. Swedish public TV SVT reported suspicions that there was a Danish bank Danske Bank and Swedbank In the period 2007 to 2015, the Baltic units were subject to suspicious, extensive and systematic transfers totaling at least SEK 40 billion (EUR 3,8 billion). Approximately 50 clients were offshore companies and corporate clients who did not conduct actual business.

March, 27 th Swedbank at a Stockholm headquarters, a survey was conducted in connection with an investigation by the Swedish Council of Economic Crimes Investigations to determine whether Swedbank The 15 largest shareholders illegally received information about Swedbank possible relationship with Danske Bank money laundering scandal before being denounced by Swedish public television.


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