Tuesday , July 27 2021

The archer returns to the court after a month’s break in the losing Euroleague game

Latvian national team leader Jānis Strēlnieks went to the square on Thursday after a break of about a month and, in his first game of the season at ULEB Euroleague, stood out with two points, helping CSKA Moscow to win.

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CSKA defeated the Spanish team “Valencia” in their field with the result 84:75 (17:16, 27:19, 18:23, 22:17).

The archer spent ten minutes and two seconds on the court after healing and recovering from Covid-19, during which he scored two points in one of three two-point shots, while the only long-range shot was inaccurate. The coach of the match also scored two goals, earned two personal notes and ended the game with a negative efficiency of -1.

This season was the first ULEB Euroleague game for the Latvian national basketball player, but he had already played in the VTB United League.

The most successful of the CSKA team with 17 points was Mike James, who also counted five assists. Will Klaibērn scored two points less with five rebounds. Nikola Kalinic stood out in the Spanish club with 15 points.

This duel was judged by the Latvian chief judge, Oleg Latishev.

In another game, Wilderban ASVEL without Rihards Lomažs ranked Kaunas “Žalgiris” at home with the result 74:83 (23:13, 27:28, 10:16, 14:26), experiencing the third failure this season.

In the ASVEL team, Charles Kahudi scored 18 points, but Mariuss Grigonis forged the victory with 25 points in the second half.

The French team had already played the last match on October 11, as Covid-19 had already been detected in the unit. For this reason, ASVEL previously had to cancel three Euroleague matches, which will be played in November and December.

CSKA is in seventh position with two wins in six games, while ASVEL is in the penultimate position with three defeats.

Also this season, ten countries with 18 teams are represented in the Euroleague, the same as in the previous season. The teams will play a two-round tournament, with the top eight entering the playoffs. The Euroleague champion will be determined in Cologne, where the final four of the tournament will take place.

This year, the champion has not been determined, the tournament ended six rounds before the end of the regular championship.

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