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Ten interesting facts about the movie "Souls of Souls" – Cinema – Culture +

Renārs Zeltins

PHOTO: Peteris Viksna

5. 3 liters protein and 15 liters artificial blood makeup

During the Christmas battles, artificial snow was brought to the "fallen" before the camera was turned on. First, the skin was covered with a special mixture of cornflakes to keep it warm on the face. Makeup artists needed about 3 liters of egg white to produce the effect of frozen skin on fallen combatants and about 15 liters of artificial blood for fallen and injured wounds. Often, body sculptors need to be immersed even more than "living" ones. Each time, the characters of the characters in the movie were recreated. The protagonist, Arthur (actor Oto Brantevich), has a scar on his neck. It was made of silicone according to different curing stages and glued again each time – about 40 times in total during filming.

Oto Brantevics

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6. Special Actress – Cow

The scene where Michelson (actor Jacob Reinis) read aloud the call to go to Sagittarius was looking for a cow on his back across Latvia. In the early twentieth century, Latvian blue cows were common on Latvian farms, which is why filmmakers chose this breed. The same blue cow from Latvia played several roles. By the way, that same cow also starred in the award-winning movie Bille, where Arthur Skrastins rides him.

7. Creating filming areas requires 1000 sandbags and a scraper squad

Six different trenches, two farms, a refugee camp and a training camp were set up for Soul Souls; filming also took place in authentic fighting venues such as the Mangaļi Christmas Battle Museum, Valgunde Parish, Jelgava District, near Ložmetējkalns and Tīreļpurvs, next to the Riflemen Cemetery, as well as the Antini Cemetery. Most episodes of the movie were filmed in the movie city Cinevilla, but filming took place in at least 15 different locations. Trenches made at the Adazi embankment served at various angles to film various battle scenes. It took 1000 sandbags to protect them. However, the biggest difficulty was digging wells in winter to hide snow cannon and peat, so I had to call a pro – a whim brigade.

8. The film is made by 8 historians and 10 professional stunt people.

Eight historians advised the shooting group on historical events, clothing, weapons, props, army regulations, melee and other details while the film was being made. In turn, 10 professional stunt men participated in filming the most complex battle scenes in the movie involving burning or the use of royal swordsmen, who also trained the actors and additionally trained 10 mass volunteer spectators. Thanks to them, the movements of the battle scene look natural and realistic.

9. The film uses an 11 km long and 2.5 ton weight barbed wire

To make the barbed wire look authentic, the filmmakers promoted, burned and corroded 11 kilometers of barbed wire, which was particularly difficult to install in winter conditions. At first the stuntmen couldn't even get over the wire coils. The total weight of the iron wire was 2.5 tons. In all, the artists were preparing for the movie for about half a year. For example, 18 dolls were made continuously for a month and a half to portray the dead in war scenes.

10. Two types of rifles in the actors arsenal – Mosin and Mauser

For budget saving purposes, the film uses only two types of rifles: the Russian army, including the Marines, Mosin systems, but for the Germans, Mauser like rifles. The main difference is the four- or two-edged swordsman. The first specimens of the mausoleum bay had notches at the base. The Marines, having brought these rifles to their opponent, stabbed the Germans themselves, and soon began to wear out. With the firearms shown in the photo, it is no longer possible to fire, only to produce the necessary noise, smoke and fire. For safety reasons, sword props were also made of plastic and silicone and, in the near future, wooden shotguns.

The film Soul of Souls will be screened in Riga's biggest theaters, Liepaja, Rezekne, Daugavpils, Ventspils, Sigulda, Valmiera, Talsi, Madonna, Jurmala, Smiltene, Cesis, Kuldiga, Ogre and Jelgava from November 8th. After November 18, the Soul of Souls will be on display in all regions of Latvia. Tickets can be purchased at the box office and online. For more information about the movie, where to show it, and how to buy tickets, visit the movie's website for specific instructions on how to purchase tickets.

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