Strap Gate and Two Passes, "Saryarka" reaches the final of the VHL – Hockey –


Saryarka Game Guard from yesterday Edgars Siksna marked with a gate that allowed his team to recover nine minutes before the end of the main time but did not save the extra time – 2: 3. The second game of the series also happened in Tyumen, and the owners got off to a good start. In the seventh minute, Alexey Xazev set the direction of the fly in front of the goal – 0: 1, but two minutes later, Ilya Karlin's shot was inaccessible to the goalkeeper – 0: 2. At the end of the first period, Rubin remained in the minority , and the guests took the majority, with a pinch of 1: 2.

During the second period, the hosts regained the lead of two goals when Vadim Kravchenko made a 1: 3 break from the offside. But soon Saryarka reduced the deficit to a minimum – the strip fell off the blue line, Alexander Borisevich put a stick and turned the disc into the gate – 2: 3. By the end of the second third, Rubin also violated the rules, and this time the team was punished for it – 3: 3. With a break, the siren exploded and each of the participants received five minutes penalty.

For the first time in third place, they managed to take the lead. Housewives were again in the minority, and Saryarka used the majority for the third time. This time, Airats Ziazov made a strike on the Strap, and the puck hit his goal after a strong pitch – 4: 3. Two minutes before the siren, Rubin replaced the goalkeeper against the sixth player on the field, and was the result that, 30 seconds before the end of the main time, Ilya Karlin was the second time in the game – 4: 4.

At the end of the fifth minute, however, Saryarka scored his own – Leonid Metaļņikovs scored the first victory in the final for the Kazakhstan team, resulting in a 1: 1 score in the series.

Edgar Siksn was the second goal in the finals, but in two matches against Rubin he scored four points. For comparison, in the previous 12 play-off games, the defender accumulated six (1 + 5) points. The third game of the series will take place in Karaganda on April 20th.

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