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Technology is getting smarter, more comfortable and enjoyable, and by the way, the cell phone that makes everyday life easier can turn into damage, causing addiction almost as much as playing and intoxicating as it is easy and quick to leave the real world of the screen of reality!

Recognize that you use the phone a lot

For many years, addicted professionals around the world have been worrying about the consequences of overuse of mobile technologies. Also in the Latvian telecommunications company Tele2 in cooperation with a research agency Norstat conducted a survey to explain the use of smartphones in our society. Between 5 and 13 February this year, 1,033 Latvian residents aged between 18 and 65 were interviewed. It turns out that 85% of Latvian residents consider cell phones a new type of addiction. For almost half of the population, excessive use of mobile technology has led to family disagreement. Only 10% of businesses believe that smartphones are used within the normal range.

Spending free time on the phone before falling asleep and immediately after waking up, watching social networks at family meals and spending a lot of time playing games on a smartphone are just some of the habits that Latvians would like to change more often.

Every third citizen, but even two of the three respondents, admitted that smart devices are being overused, without the use of unnecessary content.

"The smartphone nowadays is almost for all first-class students, not to mention adults, and often in the family acts as a separate member of the family, whose presence must be taken into account. in a cafe, the table shows that the company must follow. As mobile technology has come a long way – about 10 years ago – but has developed very dynamically in the last five years, we all need to learn to act and learn from this phenomenon as a society.To understand what are the habits of use of mobile technologies in Latvia, we decided to conduct a survey, and the results are surprising – for many respondents and for all age groups, using the cell phone at some point is slow caused problems in relationships Tele2 is a leader in Latvia in the field of mobile Internet and 4G coverage, I believe we have a duty to talk about this subject and encourage consumers to use these technologies in a sensible and meaningful way. " Tele2 President of the Council Valdis Vancovičs. Tele2 additional promises to draw attention to the responsible use of the Internet in their advertisements, and do so in the way that people are accustomed to communicating with alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, warning them.

Search for loved ones

Both family psychotherapists and children's neurologists are concerned about the overuse of smart devices, which emphasize that this problem affects all generations and that the limitation of technology consumption is not limited to children or adolescents. It is the problem of paternity in a cell phone that has become a problem that affects the emotional climate of the family and also shapes the future habits of children.

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