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Sevastov is the 12th place in the ranking and was seconded to the tournament, but his opponent is the 47th in the world.

Sevastov won 60 WTA points in the quarter-finals. In the next fight, the Latvian tennis player will meet the Chinese Jafan Vana, ranked in 58th.

The game with a convincing recruit began Tomlanovich in the first four casual tennis players without a break. The Australian was getting more and more cheated, Sevastov led his opponent in the fifth and seventh games, reaching 5-2. Liepājniece served as the winner on the set and got drunk with 0:30, but won confidence and won the next game, winning over 6-2.

In the second set, Sevastov took his first two serve to the opponent, and then scored 4-0. He continued to serve until the seventh genius Tomlanovich once again faced Sevastov's resistance, making the first racket of Latvia the first match. He ran out of use but continued to fight with another match, with Sevastov going 6-1 with a second run.

In the first round of the Sevastov Majorca WTA tournament, with a 6-3, 7-6 (7: 5) score in the United States, the North American tennis player Varvar Lepchenko, who finished in 123rd place, won the classification for the event.

Meanwhile, the first round of Tomļanovič, 6-4 and 7-5, won the Rio de Janeiro Olympic champions Monic Pudy of Puerto Rico in 53rd.

Both players had met once so far, and last year it was exactly at the Mallorca tournament when Sevastova was at the front in the fight for the final of the three quarters.

Sevastov has won 18 of 31 battles this season, while Tomanovich WTA has 19 wins in 35 games.

During his career, Tomlanovich, 26, has not been in the WTA titles but has played four times in the finals, including this year in Thailand. The record for a tennis career in Croatia, born in Croatia, is the 39th place she took in early April this year.

For Sevastova, this is the first tournament after the French Open Championship, where she stopped in the fourth round, or eighth final, but Tomlanovich failed in the first round.

The Mallorca tournament is very successful for Latvian tennis players. In 2017, she became the champion of this competition, but in 2016 and last year she suffered a defeat in the final, conceding the Frenchwoman Carolini García and the German Tatyana Marija, respectively. This year, 180 points in the WTA ranking should be defended in Sevastia.

Sevastov will also play in this tournament in doubles, where he replaced his usual partner Anastasia Pavelichenkov against Puerto Rican tennis players Monik Pudz. In the first round, they are expected to meet the second event number, Juhann Lacson of Sweden, and Kirsten Flipkens of Belgium.


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