See what Kivičs has prepared for its supporters!


Musician Andris Kivičs, who has been in the spotlight for many months in recent months, has prepared another surprise for his followers.

"Dear friends, contest! Put a photo in the comments section where you are seen with my new book, and when there are 50 photos, I will make a video draw, and the winner will receive Andri Kivič with the guitar in his own house O contest will take place until April 25. Thank you and good morning, "writes the singer on Facebook's social network.

"Evening News" has said that some time ago, musician Andris Kivičs met with the fans and gave his autographs at the presentation of his new book "As if you knew something."

While Andris Kivičs gave autographs to her fans and buyers of her new book "How Do You Know Something", meanwhile her chosen Liene Skulme was at home and organized her latest work before leaving both from Latvia.

Kiviès talks to "Evening Messages" that there are still many things in the apartment, both in Latvia, both dresses and children's clothing, which should be discarded.

It is not yet decided whether the apartment owned by Liene will be sold or rented in Pardaugava. On April 20, when the couple plans to leave Latvia, there is still much to be done.

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