Saturday , October 23 2021

Rivers and lakes up to +24 degrees warm water / day


In Venta, Lielupe, Salaca, Aiviekste and Daugava the water temperature is +20 .. + 24 degrees, the hottest water is preserved in Daugava near Plavinas and Krāslava, as well as in Lielupe near Jelgava. Low temperatures are possible in Riga, where Daugava water mingles with sea water.

In most of the Gauja, the temperature of the water oscillates around +18 … + 20 degrees. In Olerie, the water temperature is only +16 degrees, in the lower course of Ogre and Misa is +20 degrees, in the Great Jugla in Zaumuumuiza +21 degrees, in Abava in Rents +17 degrees.

The temperature of the water in large lakes +17 … + 22 degrees, by a certain degree of hotter water in shallow lakes.

In the sea, the average water temperature is +14 .. + 19 degrees, the coldest water still remains in places on the west coast of the Gulf of Riga, including the two ports Mersrags and Roja on Tuesday at 8 o'clock.

In the coming days, the water in the rivers and lakes will become a little warmer, but in places off, the wind blowing from the earth will become colder, predicting the synoptic.

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