Rihards Bukarts: "Thank you coach – get old, give me a game!"


Rihards Bukarts will also be in Germany next season.

Rihards Bukarts will also be in Germany next season.

Photo: Juris Kalniņš

Rihard Bukart, a striker of the Latvian hockey team, has become unconventional this season as he was a player of the German team, "Wingslingen Wings", has already signed a contract with rival "Düsseldorfer" in November.

The promised portfolio does not fall.

"I really enjoyed the city, the management of the club, the fans, the hall, the direct flight to Riga, the comfortable conditions, the new and future club. They wanted me before, but did not last last summer, "Bukarte says in favor of Düsseldorf.

He talked about continuing cooperation with Wild Wings in the fall, but the club was in uncertainty, so there was no clear answer. Rihard said he wanted to wait for the summer in a pocket for a contract, so he would not be overwhelmed, but leaving competitors, of course, did not like the leaders of the Shveningen club.

"We found a common language with a coach (British Paul Tompson – I.S.) after January 1, when I went out and said: get old, give me a game.

So it was very easy to work with me and in the end it was a shame I was leaving. Also for me, because another team has to prove itself again, "admits Bukart.

Rihard's previous season was even more colorful – he started in the Czech Republic, continued Dinamo Riga, but finished in Germany, where he played in the final of the playoff tournament in Eisbären in Berlin. Wild Wings was the weakest team in the German league this season. "In March and April I could eat more shashlik," Rihards sighs at the end of the championship.

"Of course it's not nice. The season failed for several reasons, hockey players hoped not to justify this. The change of coach in November gave a good start – if we had such a balance from the outset, let's get into the exclusion games. He brought new breezes and everything was fine.

In the summer, the Shveningen team leaders promised Bucharest a place in the first and most of the time, but in fact he fought for the third and fourth without a majority. "It's their problem. When I put the first shift, I showed what inside of me –

15 points in the last 15 matches. I have the best performance on a team that speaks for itself.

If you give six minutes on the fourth turn, it's not easy, but every now and then in a situation like this, I get a German point. Of course, there were difficult times, 18 games without a goal, but then 15 games – six. This is hockey, a very big mental game, "says the attacker. In total, he will play 22 points (9 + 13) on his account this season and efficiency plus two.

NHL Dream Alive

Throughout the season, Buckar suffered a groin injury, rested for the championship month, and now looks like he has been cured because he can be fully prepared for his third world championship. The Latvian team is currently working without coach Bob Hartley. "Of course, when Bob is in, the jackets are more collected, more focused, but we trust the rest of the coaches to do everything right.

In principle, Bob's tactic is so simple that even a five-year-old can learn, the key is to be in good physical condition and ready to run. "

emphasizes Rihards Bukarts. "It would be nice if Hartley would join the favorites as a Gagarin Cup winner and be in a good mood. I hope not all positive emotions have been pumped throughout the season, but there will be no energy and inspiration to sample with the sample, as in the last two years. "

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In Berlin, Eisbaren, he worked with head coach Aunt Krup, who led Rihard's brother Robert Bukart in the second half of the season in Prague at Sparta. "With Krup, I got a good coach and, to a large extent, Rob went to Prague. I had a good relationship with him and almost came to Prague, but we do not agree with the details of the contract. Prague is a beautiful city, pleasant to touch in places where there are good conditions, the family usually visits it, "says Rihards Bukarts.

The 23-year-old striker in four seasons has attempted to show up in North America and has not yet abandoned his hopes of playing NHL once. But just go overboard if there is a specific offer from the great league. He does not want to go through the club.



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