Riga is the cheapest city in the Christmas market in Europe, concluded in a British study


British Post Post The survey on the Christmas Market Barometer concludes that Christmas markets in Riga are the cheapest in Europe this year.

The researchers concluded that the total cost of one of Riga's Christmas markets for two people over the weekend would be 504 pounds or 570.33 euros.

The barometer survey gathered information on air fares to and from London, the cost of accommodation for two nights, the price of two tickets to the airport, a three-course dinner, a coffee price, and prices for drinks and snacks in the markets .

Second is Munich, where the weekend would cost 525 pounds or 594.09 euros. The third place is the French city of Lille, where the Christmas holidays for the English would cost 532 pounds or 602.01 euros. It is followed by the neighboring capital of Estonia, Tallinn, where the cost of British tourists would be 563 pounds or 637.09 euros. The top five are closed by the Czech capital, Prague, with 674 pounds or 762.70 euros.

The most expensive holiday for British tourists would be in Stockholm, where the total cost would reach 854 pounds or 966.39 euros.

In previous years Riga Post was fourth and second place.

Post Office The Barometer of the European Christmas Market is based on information provided by national and regional tourism agencies. Ten European cities were searched in the barometer – Riga, Munich, Lille, Tallinn, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna and Stockholm.


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