Removes the scheme of car theft in supermarkets: invites victims to refer


The image is illustrative

The image is illustrative

Source: State Police

At the end of last week, the State Police recorded a crime committed after a long-known scheme – while the driver is in a supermarket, meanwhile his car is punctured or released.

Usually, shortly after a piece of the car, the driver notices the technical problems and is forced to land on the street to replace the tire. The driver is busy changing the tire, and the evil one enters invisible in the car and wins it.

On Wednesday, the State Police detained a foreign citizen for this crime.

It is assumed that this is not the only crime recently committed by a detainee in the Riga region. The State Police also asks other potential victims to call 67090900 or 110!

On April 13, the theft of the car's property was registered in the territory served by the Riga Teika district.

After visiting the supermarket in Riga, the driver of the car sat at the wheel of the vehicle to leave, but passed a small piece and found that his car had a flat tire. The man stopped in the street to replace the tire.

Meanwhile, in the car, a strange man, who took a man's purse with purse and documents, went unnoticed.

Luckily, what was happening had been noticed by a passerby who saw the criminals leave the scene after the robbery, throwing away the victim's documents. The interviewee witnessed the incident to the victim, who in turn informed the police.

Police in the 2nd Division of the Criminal Police Department of the State Administration of the Riga Region in cooperation with the police of the Teika district of Riga during the investigation, based on the information provided by the witness, found that the crime was committed by a man born in 1993 – foreign citizen.

Yesterday, April 17, police officers detained this man. It is currently being explained whether a man acted alone or in a group. It should be noted, however, that police experience shows that such crimes are mainly committed in a role-sharing group.

In connection with the occurrence, criminal proceedings were initiated after the third part of article 175 of the Criminal Law (on vehicle theft) and in article 185 (1) of the Criminal Law (intentional damages to foreign ownership).

The detained man is currently in an isolator and will soon decide on the security measure – detention for that person.

It is possible that this is not the only case in recent times, when a man suspected in the Riga region committed crimes according to the scheme described. The State Police also asks that other possible victims be called by phone 67090900 or 110.


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