Regional Court also justifies Girsi's accusation of incitement to national hatred / Article / LSM.LV


The court of appeal upheld Illarion Girus's ruling in the event of incitement to national hatred.

Laila Glaz┼źna, representative of the Kurzeme Regional Court Zane apple

The criminal case is related to an article published in November of 2014 in the site "". At that time, the Security Police (now the State Security Service) pointed out that the criminal case against Girsi had been released in an internet publication in which he denied the fact of Latvian occupation and recorded sentences that could indicate blasphemy of the symbol of the state.

Laila Glaze, a spokeswoman for the Kurzeme Regional Court, said Girs was accused of committing actions against national hatred and inconsistency using an automated data-processing system.

Kurzeme Regional Court has left the trial court's ruling unchanged on Tuesday. The full court decision will be available on April 30 of this year and will be subject to appeal in cassation of the Supreme Court from the date of the full decision.


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