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The first third took a tough fight, both teams throwing a goal. However, both Sergey Bobrovsky and Tuka Rasks played very well. The situation changed over the next 20 minutes and the Blue Jackets attacked much more, remembering the promise of team leader John Tortorel to return to Boston. In the second period, the Blue Jackets were dominated by 17: 5. But out of the five litters, the two Bruins were very dangerous, but one ended with a goal.

Just before the result, two Boston hockey players flew to Bobrovski, but in that episode, the goalkeeper played very well, rescuing his team. But in the next episode, the Russian keeper was also impotent – striker Bruins Jake Debrask entered the area and hit the goal post. Ripa returned to the field directly at the baton David Kreychi, whose strong shot at a touch turned out to be an inevitable goalkeeper – 1: 0.

In the third third, Bruins doubled the lead to 2: 0 – Charlie Coal took the disc to the attack zone and left for the Swedish striker Mark Janson, who threw the gate. Bobrovski took the disc, but slowly slid behind him. In the middle of the period, the former St. Louis Blues captain and now assistant to the Bruins captain, American American Baker Baker, 35, for the third time, angered his fans by passing the wheel at the gate after Tory Krug's pass – 3: 0.

There was little time, and three and a half minutes before the siren Columbus began to play six. "Blue Jackets" can not stay in the zone of attack for a long time, so almost hit the fourth goal, but the match has not changed any more, and Bruins celebrated the win with 3: 0, but goalkeeper Rasks finished dry game, repelling all 39 litters.

Boston for the third time in nine years has entered the final of the Eastern Conference where the team is already waiting for hurricanes. Columbus never played a play-off in the third round.

The withdrawal of "Blue Jackets" from the Stanley Cup match means that Elvis Merzykin could help Latvia's World Cup favorites. It is not yet known when he could join the favorites.

Stanley Cup Semi-Finals


Teams First game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Fifth game Game 6 Game 7 Series
Bruins – Blue Jackets 3: 2 P 2: 3 P 1: 2 4: 1 4: 3 3: 0 4-2
Islanders – Hurricanes 0: 1 P 1: 2 2: 5 2: 5 0-4


Teams First game Game 2 Game 3 Game 4 Fifth game Game 6 Game 7 Series
Blues – Stars 3: 2 2: 4 4: 3 2: 4 1: 2 4: 1 3-3
Sharks – Avalanche 5: 2 3: 4 4: 2 0: 3 2: 1 3-2

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