Početino takes the blame for the loss of Hotspur against Ajax / Day


Already reported that on Tuesday Ajax scored a 1-0 win and took a big step towards the final. The fight will be held next week.

Početino was guilty of losing his tactics after the loss.

"After the game I can say that we chose the wrong tactical solutions, but there was not much chance of playing differently," said Početino, whose team could not be helped by leaders Herry Keyn and Honmin Sons on Tuesday.

In the first half, the team was forced to leave after a collision Hotspur Jan Vertongen, however, was not found to have serious health problems.

"I'm not happy with the result – we did not have enough energy from the beginning of the game, which made the game more difficult." "We were not in our skin, we were not prepared for this game. . "We still had a good chance to qualify for the finals because we only lost 0: 1. We must believe we can win in Amsterdam."

In its turn Ajax Coach Erik ten Hague was pleased with the achievement in London.

"I think it's a great result for us, we won the game and we're happy, we've reached a very good point, but that's only half." "If we want to reach the final we have to play better in the fight," he said.

"In the second half, we managed to get closer to the ball and keep it under control. We could have played more weight," said a few points in the second half, called The Hague.

Meanwhile, the only gatekeeper in this game was Donny van de Beck who Ajax the unit failed in the second half of the game. "The first 30 minutes played very well, but the second half of the year was difficult." The court managed to win the game before the end of the game. .

The Spaniards will fight in the second semi-final Barcelona and England Premier League Liverpoolthe first game for these teams on Wednesday.

The UEFA Champions League final will take place on 1 June in Madrid.


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